Internship & Research Sites

Organizations that have hosted CSBSJU Global Internship & Research programs are listed below. Please note that host sites may vary each year and that placement at these particular institutions is not guaranteed.

BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA | Nadbiskupijski Centar za Pastoral Mladih "Ivan Pavao II" | EkoMoziak Foundation | Institut za razvoj mladih KULT | Citizens' Association Zdravo da ste | Udruženje roditelja i prijatelja osoba s posebnim potrebama „Sunce" Mostar | Eko Centar Blagaj | CHINA | Southwest University | Motion Global | The China Guide | Midwest Rubber Co | Noble Group Ltd | Welmei LLC | Forcome Co Ltd


Nadbiskupijski Centar za Pastoral Mladih "Ivan Pavao II":

Laura Becker (Nutrition/Peace Studies, 2014) interned at the the Archdiocesan Center for Youth Ministry for John Paul II, a faith-based organization that facilitates the spiritual education of children and adults in the Sarajevo area and in summer camps in the region. The Center's motto is "Youth and Better Tomorrow."

EkoMoziak Foundation:

Addison Magruder (Global Business Management, 2015) interned as the assistant to the director of the EkoMoziak Foundation, which fosters economic development for women in rural areas throughout the creation of sustainable agricultural businesses. She notes: "With a 40% unemployment rate in Bosnia, EkoMozaik is empowering women, [for many of whom] this is there first employment, salary, and bank account. EkoMozaik is enabling economic development in the rural areas of BiH and is a sustainable business that will most definitely continue once they become independent." See below two video projects Addison produced about EkoMozaik, one of which was shown at USAID offices in Washington, DC.



Institut za razvoj mladih KULT (Institute for Youth Development KULT):
Rachel Mullin (History/Political Science, 2014)
spent her summer working with KULT to foster volunteerism and democracy in Sarajevo. Together, they hope to produce a "successful and sustainable youth policy". KULT is also a strong advocate for women's rights and gender equality. "My internship site focuses on youth engagement within BiH with programs ranging from language courses to civic engagement projects and volunteer opportunities. The program I am worked on focused on ways to get youth more educated, interested, and active in the election process. We are leading a transnational program with Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, and Macedonia currently."

Citizens' Association Zdravo da ste:
Liz Neitzke (Nursing, 2014) interned at the The Citizens' Association Zdravo da ste, a non-profit organization that works primarily with schools, youth centers, and other community organizations to support the development of children in need.

Udruženje roditelja i prijatelja osoba s posebnim potrebama „Sunce" Mostar:
While working at the Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities, Hannah Peine (Nursing, 2014) worked to support those with mental and physical disabilities in the Mostar area.

Eko Centar Blagaj: Chendan Yan (Environmental Studies/Philosophy, 2015) and Mai Chou Yang (Environmental Studies, 2014) interned at this organization which supports research and conservation of plants and animals native to Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the griffon vulture, one of the Europe's most endangered species. Since it's inauguration in 2007, the Eko Centar has welcomed over 5000 elementary school children for field trips and educational workshops.


Research Placements

Southwest University:
Southwest University is one of China's premier research universities. SWU boasts 97 bachelor programs, 2,650 full-time professors, and 9 post-doctoral research centers and a student population of nearly 50,000. SWU has been a CSBSJU partner school for 30 years. Recent research projects that CSBSJU Research Interns have participated in include: Isolation and Characterization of Phages, Asymmetric Organocatalysis, and the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir Project Research. 2013 Intern Krystal Heinin (Natural Science/Pre-Pharmacy, 2014) worked with Dr. He isolating organocatalysts. Her slideshow illustrates not only her work in the lab, but also her personal experiences as an intern abroad.

Business Placements

Motion Global:
Kerry Daigs interned at Motion Global, a global leader in the online eye wear business. Motion Global has manufacturing divisions around the globe and maintain offices on 3 continents. Their products are distributed via the internet.
ey cater to retail corporations located in North America, Europe, and Australia. Gretchen Hughes (Environmental Studies/Management, 2014) interned at Forcome in 2013 and called it a "life changing experience." See her video about it: Forcome

The China Guide:
This summer, Juhaan Johar (Global Business Leadership/Economics, 2014) worked as a Travel Consultant at The China Guide in Beijing. The China Guide is an independently owned travel agency based in Beijing. The company is owned and operated by Peter Danford. The China Guide strives to deliver the "ideal China experience."

Midwest Rubber Co:
Midwest Rubber Company, owned by SJU alum Ross Anderson, has been producing premium rubber products since 1976, and serve customers in North America, Asia, and Europe. They manufacture rubber, urethane, and plastic products for both industrial and commercial uses. The Manufacturers Alliance in Minnesota recently awarded Midwest Rubber the 2013 Manufacturer of the Year Award. Charles Zhang (Communication, 2015) and Dwight Higgs (Management, 2014) were interns at Midwest Rubber in 2013

Noble Group Ltd:
David Rademacher (Economics, 2014), interned as an assistant analyst at Noble Group, Hong Kong. David received an outstanding evaluation by his supervisors at Noble, has been featured on Noble Group's Internship Program Newsletter, and has since been offered the opportunity to return to Noble as a full-time employee after he graduates .

Welmei is a plastic injection company that produces electronic components, specialized parts for printers and automobiles, and packaging products. Peggy Yang (Economics, 2015) was at Welmei in 2013 as a marketing and communications intern. Welmei, LLC

Co Ltd:
Forcome specializes in the manufacture and distribution of premium outdoor tools and equipment. Th