Management and Leadership in Organizations

Management Department Concentrations

Management and Leadership in Organizations Concentration (Begins Fall, 2005)

The concentration in Management and Leadership in Organizations prepares students for managerial positions in a variety of organizations. It incorporates the flexibility necessary to prepare for the varied careers of the 21st century. The concentration emphasizes the study of management theory and practice in a global context. Attention is given to the issue of values and diversity in the workplace. Students in the Management and Leadership in Organizations concentration acquire an understanding of how formal organizations are structured and come to appreciate the significance of informal structures within an organization. The program maintains a balance of theory and practical learning while developing knowledge and critical thinking skills essential to leadership and management in a wide variety of for profit and non-profit organizations. Special emphasis is given to developing communication, interpersonal, and decision making skills. This concentration develops an analytical and integrative viewpoint toward management.

Required courses:
ACCT 113 Financial Accounting
ECON 111 Introduction to Economics
MGMT 201 Principles of Management in a Global Context
MGMT 302 Work and Values in a Diverse Society
MGMT 381 Strategic Management in a Global Context

One COMPUTER course from:
MGMT 241 Decisions with Computer Application Software (2 credits)
CSCI 130 Computing: Science and Applications (4 credits)

One MATH course from:
MATH 118 Essentials of Calculus
MATH 119 Calculus I
MATH 122 Finite Mathematics
MATH 124 Probability and Statistical Inference

One course each from A, B, and C below:
A. Quantitatively oriented functional areas in management (choose one)

MGMT 331 Corporate Finance
MGMT 341 Operations Management
MGMT 343 Research Methods in Management

B. Behaviorally oriented functional areas in management (choose one)
MGMT 301 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 311 Human Resource Management
MGMT 321 Principles of Marketing

C. Legal and ethical context of business (choose one)
MGMT 261 Business, Government, and Society
MGMT 361 Legal Environment of Business
PHIL 324 Business Ethics
POLS 334 US Bureaucracy and Regulatory Law
THEO 344 Religious Perspectives on Economic Life
ECON 327/THEO 349 Economic Thought & Religious Values

Three management electives (4-credits each)
MGMT ______
MGMT ______
MGMT ______

Experiential Learning (4-credits)
MGMT 389 Management Study Abroad (counts for 2 experiential learning credits even if you sign up for 1 credit)
MGMT 394 Management Practicum (2-credits)
MGMT 395 SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Participation (2-credits)
MGMT 396 SAM (Society for the Advancement of Management) Participation (2-credits)
MGMT 397 Internship
MGMT 398 Honors Senior Essay, Research or Creative Project