Business Administration Concentration

Management Department Concentrations

Business Administration Concentration (Begins Fall, 2005)

The concentration in Business Administration is designed for the student who desires to prepare for managerial positions in business. The Business Administration concentration focuses on the technical and functional aspects of business and students follow a very specific course of study. Students in the Business Administration concentration must complete a common set of business core courses as part of their major. The business core curriculum introduces students to a variety of important functional areas including accounting, marketing, management, economics, finance, mathematics, and the environment of business. Basic knowledge in each of the core areas is considered essential to broad-based business education. The curriculum stresses analysis and communication, emphasizes both theory and practice, and is shaped by the needs of the business community.

Required Courses:
ACCT 113 Financial Accounting
ACCT 114 Managerial Accounting
ECON 111 Introduction to Economics
MGMT 201 Principles of Management in a Global Context
MGMT 241 Decisions with Computer Application Software (2 credits)
MGMT 243 Introduction to Management Information Systems (2 credits)
MGMT 301 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 321 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 331 Corporate Finance
MGMT 381 Strategic Management in a Global Context
ECON 3__ One upper division Economics course

One course from:
MGMT 261 Business, Government, and Society
MGMT 361 Legal Environment of Business
PHIL 324 Business Ethics

Two MATH courses from: (cannot take both MATH 118 and 119 to fulfill the requirement)
MATH 118 Essentials of Calculus
MATH 119 Calculus I
MATH 122 Finite Mathematics
MATH 124 Probability and Statistical Inference

Experiential Learning (4-credits):
MGMT 397 Internship