Management 200 Level Courses

201 Principles of Management in a Global Context (4)

This class gives students a foundation in management theories and concepts. The course will help students improve their communication skills, practice problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making as an individual and in teams/groups. Students will develop an understanding and relationship of the traditional functional areas of organizations; Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Finance. The class setting will frequently utilize global business settings, cases and examples.  Students will examine multiple ethical perspectives and learn to utilize these perspectives as a context for decision making.

241 Decision Making Using Computer Application Software (2) (Starting Fall 2005)

This course is an advanced computer applications course for students who already have some knowledge of Microsoft Excel computer software. Students will use case studies and computer software in the analysis and decision making process related to the case studies. Case studies will come from the four functional areas in organizations.

243 Introduction to Management Information Systems (2) (Starting Fall 2005)

This course covers the conceptual foundations of management information systems and the various types of computer-based information systems and their roles in organizations. The course also introduces students to the relational database structure underlying modern information systems and the information systems tools that managers use.

261 Business, Government and Society (4)

Study of the social, governmental and ethical issues that affect the conduct of business within a global environment. This course addresses the fact that organizations cannot move forward or make sound decisions without encountering human, economic, social, governmental and ethical linkages. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the larger societal environment and how it both affects and is affected by business and nonprofit organizations.

271 Individual Learning Project (1-4)

Supervised reading or research at the lower-division level. Permission of department chair required. Consult department for applicability towards major requirements. Not available to first-year students.