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Spirituality and Social Justice Events

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week- November 11th-19th

An annual campaign to spread awareness about the issues surrounding hunger and homelessness nationwide. Many on-campus groups collaborate on this week to host documentaries, discussions, volunteer opportunities, presentations, food drives, and a wide variety of other events. A more detailed schedule will be available in the fall.


Refugee Awareness Event-February, Date TBD

This event will include information on the Syrian Refugee Crisis as a follow-up to our reflective journey in April. We hope to incorporate a similar reflective learning event with a speaker on the topic to continue raising awareness for this crisis.


Sex Trafficking Awareness Week- March 7th-15th

An annual campaign to raise awareness of Sex Trafficking. Many on-campus groups and organizations host events including documentaries, book discussions, presentations by survivors of sex trafficking, volunteer opportunities at Heartland Girls’ Ranch and many more. In 2017, we put emphasis on sex trafficking as a local issue. A more detailed schedule will be available in the spring.


Water Awareness Walk – March, Date TBD

We will be hosting a Water Awareness Walk in March to educate our community about access to clean water and water conservation. In fall 2016, a group of 40+ students walked the Wobegon trail carrying full 5-gallon jerry cans. This walk simulated the journey many women and children around the world make daily to fetch water for their families. We hope to host a similar event in Spring 2018.