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Gender Studies Major

Major (40 Credits)

A total of at least 40 credits, including:

  • GEND 101: Introduction to Gender Studies (Required)
  • GEND 201: Movements and Change (Required)
  • GEND 380: Approaches to Gender Theory (Required)
  • GEND 381: Sex and Gender in Global Perspectives (Required)
  • GEND 385: Senior Capstone in Gender Studies (Required)
  • Experiential Learning Component (0-4 Credits)
  • 5-6 additional 4 credit courses (20-24 Credits)

Elective courses must be selected from approved GEND cross-listed courses. At least two of these elective courses should be from Humanities/Fine Arts and at least two courses from Social Sciences/Natural Sciences. Of these 20-24 elective credits, at least four courses (16 credits), should be at the 300-level. No more than three courses that count toward another major can be applied to the GEND major.