Advisory Council

Fine Arts Programming has an Advisory Council comprised of members from the campus community, as well as the greater Central Minnesota community

  • Karen Backes
    Dean of Admission

  • Jean Beckel
    Performance Improvement Analyst
    RN, MPH/St. Cloud Hospital 

  • Mimi Bitzan
    Community Member 

  • Brian Campbell
    CSB/SJU Music Department

  • Leigh Dillard
    CSB/SJU Theater Department

  • Louann Dummich
    Vice President, Private Banking
    US Bank

  • David Earp
    Administrator for Teacher Coordination for PreK-12
    Fine and Performing Arts, District 742

  • Paul Hamilton
    Long Term Care Advisors

  • Colleen Hollinger Petters
    Collegeville Companies

  • Ken Jones
    Professor / Assistant Dean
    CSB/SJU History Department

  • Laura Malhotra
    Community Member

  • Mark McGowan
    Community Member
    Performing Artist

  • Rick Odenthal
    Chief Executive Officer
    Central Minnesota Credit Union

  • Sue Palmer
    Vice President of Finance & Admin
    CSB Business Office

  • Dr. Gustavo Peña
    Centrasota Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
    D.D.S., M.S.

  • Chris Rasmussen
    Central Minnesota Arts Board

  • Joe Rogers
    CSB/SJU Center for Global Education

  • Marie Sanderson
    Community Member

  • Andrea Shaker
    CSB/SJU Art Department

  • Arno Shermock
    Thomsens Greenhouse & Garden Center

  • Dr. Jerry Wetterling
    St. Joseph Family Chiropractic

  • Brandyn Woodard
    Director of CSB/SJU Intercultural and
    International Student Services Department

  • Erin E. Noel
    Vice President
    CSB Student Senate

  • Andrew Hovel
    SJU Student Senate


Ex officio:

  • Robert Culligan
    Vice President
    SJU Institutional Advancement


  • Brian Jose
    Executive Director
    CSB/SJU Fine Arts Programming

  • Leslie Hanlon
    Director of Fundraising & Marketing
    CSB/SJU Fine Arts Programming

  • Deborah Lehman
    Director of Community Outreach
    CSB/SJU Fine Arts Programming

Council Secretary:

  • Gwen Geisenhof
    Department Coordinator
    CSB/SJU Fine Arts Programming