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John Corbo


John Corbo's interests in sports training and physical therapy are what initially attracted him to the Sports Medicine program. After becoming a part of the program, John also got involved with CSB sports teams as a student trainer and strength and conditioning assistant. Together, the Sports Medicine program curriculum and his work experience helped to prepare him for his current position as a student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the College of St. Catherine and a Sports Performance Coach at Velocity Sports Performance.

One of the characteristics of the program that John liked most was that the courses pushed him to truly understand the information through application rather than just temporarily memorizing it. John also added that the kinesiology course stands out as one which truly helped to prepare for his work as a PT student.

"The Sports Medicine program really helped prepare me for the transition from undergrad to graduate school. Throughout the first year of PT school, when people would ask how it was going and how hard it was my response would be: it is going very well and it is challenging, but CSB/SJU and especially the Sports Medicine program really helped prepare me for it."

John also greatly values the experience he had as a student trainer and strength and conditioning assistant. He says, "I always looked forward to working with them [CSB athletes] and I was able to continue to learn new exercises that were specific to all of the individual sports." He feels that these experiences helped to give him the knowledge and confidence he needed in his teaching and coaching ability.

John's advice to current or future Sports Medicine students:

"This is a great program with a great staff. It is very challenging and there is a lot work and studying that you will need to do. But if you want to continue your career in the health field, whether that is as a strength and condition coach, personal trainer, physical therapist, dietician, occupational therapist, teacher/professor, or many other fields, then this is the program that you want to be in. It will help prepare you for what you want to do, but you must be willing to put in the time and effort."

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