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Student Profiles

Katie Spoden ('14)

"It is okay not to know what you want to do with the environmental studies major!" See what else Katie has to say. 


 Steven Pignato ('15)

"I would suggest choosing environmental studies courses that also fulfill common curriculum requirements." See what else Steven has to say.


Erin Medevecz

 Erin Medvecz ('15)

"Don't be afraid to take a minor that also interests you!" See what else Erin has to say.


Preston ZimneyPreston Zimney ('16)

 "Go to class with an open mind and ready to take notes, because I feel the information you will learn is really interesting!"  See what else Preston has to say!


Ashleigh Walter ('15)

"It is 100% okay to be undecided; do not feel pressure to pick a major right away--make sure it feels right to you." See what else Ashleigh has to say. 

Tyler Thompson   Tyler Thompson ('16)

"It is really personable being able to call your professors by their first name!"  See what else Tyler has to say.



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