Matt Batt


Matthew Batt knew that when he was moving to Salt Lake City for grad school that he and his wife needed a place to live, but he never knew what an experience finding, and renovating, his home would actually be. When touring the home that would be the focus of his book “Sugarhouse”, the realtor told Matt and his wife that the house had been a former crack house and several neighbors told him the same. Though this set of circumstances may not seem ideal for a first time home owner, Matt takes the process of remodeling his home and turning it into a respectable living space for his little family. In his book, Matt and his wife, with a little humor and determination, are able to discover the beauty of renovating their home and having it be all done by them, that it is something they can take full pride in knowing that their home is exactly how they like it. 

Matthew Batt was hosted by the CSBSJU English Department for a student reading at Brother Willie's Pub during the Spring 2017 semester. Matt kicked off the event with a reading of one of his works and was followed up by students who performed some of their own personal writings as well. The event was a great success as students were able to showcase their abilities and receive feedback as well.