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Christopher Bolin
M.F.A. University of Iowa
Fields: Contemporary Lyric Poetry, Fiction of the American West, Experiential Learning in Creative Writing, Medical Humanities

Luke Mancuso, OSB
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Iowa
Fields: Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, American Literature and Culture 1914, American Cosmopolitanism and Regionalism to 1900, Walt Whitman Studies.

Matthew Callahan
M.F.A. University of Alaska, Anchorage
Fields: Contemporary Fiction and Nonfiction, Modern Memoir, Creative Writing, Wilderness Ethics, Literature of the North

Rachel Marston
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Utah
Fields: Creative Writing (Fiction/NonFiction), Narrative Theory and Practice, The Novel, Modernist and Postmodernist Fiction 

Jessica Harkins
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Washington University, St. Louis
Fields:Creative Writing, Poetry, Medieval Literature, Translation Studies

Madhu Mitra

Ph.D. Kent State University
Fields: Postcolonial Theory and Literature, Eighteenth-Century British Literature, Women's Literature (Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia), Literature and Globalization

Matthew Harkins, Department Chair
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Washington University, St. Louis
Fields: Shakespeare, Marvell, Milton, Seventeenth-Century Poetry, Early Modern Theories of Youth and Age, Gender Studies, Modern Irish Literature

Lori Moe
Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Johnson-Miller

M.F.A.Bennington College
Fields: Poetry, Non-Fiction, Memoir, Interpersonal and Group Communication

Michael J. Opitz
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Fields: Modern British Literature, Poetry, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Aesthetics, Poetry and Popular Culture, Music Recording and Production

John Kendall
B.A., Hamline University, 1986

M.A., St. Cloud University, 1993
Fields: Business Writing, Creative Non-Fiction/Essay Writing, Playwriting, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Literature

Yvette Piggush
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Chicago
Fields: Early American Literature, Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Historical Fiction, Material and Visual Culture 

Cindy Malone
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Ph.D. Boston University
Fields:19th-century British Literature, Theory and History of the Novel, Book Arts, Publishing

Christina Tourino
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Duke University
Fields: Race and Ethnicity in US Literature, Literary Theory, Feminist Theory, Comparative Literature of the Americas, American Music and Literature

 Faculty Emerti

  • Jane Opitz
  • Angeline Dufner
  • J. P. Earls, OSB
  • Mara Faulkner, OSB
  • Ozzie Mayers
  • Hilary Thimmesh, OSB