Writing Minor

Requirements for the Writing Minor   *NOTE: For students who began Fall 2011 or after

The Writing Minor allows students to choose the forms and genres of writing they most wish to practice.  Minors choose from courses in essay writing, media writing, creative writing, business writing, environmental writing, and more. The Writing Minor is highly adaptable and can be combined with any major to help students to develop the critical skill of writing effectively in their respective fields.

According to a recent survey of CSBSJU Business Alumni, the overwhelming majority reported how writing skills are crucial. To succeed in their Business careers, they need the skills "to compose concise and understandable emails, well-constructed business reports, executive summaries on research issues, etc."

Our department supplements the study of writing with numerous events and opportunities - including internships, student readings, and visiting writers. Contact us to find out how to create a concentration in writing that complements your career goals and individual interests. 




Writing Minor

Emma Zvanovec, class of 2018

I was interested in the English writing minor because I've always loved writing but I knew I wanted to be a Hispanic Studies major. I would recommend the minor because I think it makes a great addition to any major; writing is a very valuable skill! After graduation I hope to use my minor with my Hispanic Studies major to do work in translation, but I know no matter what I go into my English writing minor will be very useful.

Jenna Pettit, class of 2018

I chose the English writing minor because I have always loved to write and I want to learn the skills it takes to write a novel.  I would recommend the writing minor because all of the classes are amazing and there are so many different options to choose from. The writing minor can be tailored to involve essay and nonfiction writing or poetry and fiction. Other English classes are also a part of the minor so you get to branch out and take two other English classes. I plan on being a Director of Philanthropy and my writing minor will teach me to write grants and raise awareness through writing about the company I'm working for. I also plan on doing some freelance journalism in my free time!