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English Minor

 English Minor Requirements (20 credits)

The English Minor provides fundamental training in English while offering students the opportunity to choose a cluster of courses that complement their major or individual interests. Students pursuing the English minor take core English classes combined with electives of their choice that allow them to expand their reading and writing skills.

Students from across our campuses have successfully combined the English Minor with Majors in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Communication, History, Accounting, and more. Contact our faculty to learn more about how an English Minor can benefit you.   

Minors in our Department

Daniel Felix, '19

Global Business Leadership Major/English Minor, Class of '19


I've always had a love for reading and creative writing. With an English minor, I can explore my interests as well as have it compliment my Global Business Leadership (GBUS) major. As a GBUS student, I have to interpret a lot of graphs and data. Having an English minor helps me clarify my findings in writing. Though constantly revising a paper can be tedious at times, it is well worth it at the end when the reader completely understands the point you are trying to get across.