Why study English at CSB/SJU?

Our alumni become global citizens, influencing the world as teachers, advocates, writers, doctors, attorneys, editors, publishers, NGO workers, and business leaders.

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English Department


Outstanding speaking, writing, reading, and critical thinking skills lead our students to success.  Our students gain field-specific experience through service learning, internships, independent learning projects and practicums.  Faculty work closely with students to design a course of study suited to their goals, and our small classes foster an energetic environment where studentss and faculty discuss literature as it relates to contemporary issues, ideas and our lives.  Recent English Majors have won the Minnesota Public Radio Gary Eichten News Fellowship and served in volunteer programs like Teach for America and participated in internships at places such as Graywolf, Milkweed and the Liturgical Press as well as worldwide in places like Guatemala, Bahamas, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and China. 

Learning Goals

The English Department teaches students to cultivate the abilities to:












  • Express their ideas logically, clearly, and persuasively
  • Thoughtfully and perceptively read multiple genres, including nonfiction, literary/cultural criticism and journalism.
  • Understand the philosohical frameworks for literary and textual practices
  • Attain a clearer and deeper understanding of their individual voice
  • Apply knowledge to reading and comprehending works within their broader cultural contexts



Our Students

Student Heather Beckius, class of 2014, talks about CSB/SJU and life after graduation.

Our Faculty

Chris Bolin interviewed by StarTribune.

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