Grant Application Forms

Due to the number of students seeking Undergraduate Research Program support for their scholarly work, the funding of grants has become increasingly competitive. Your grant should include specific information about your plans for research, presentation, performance, or publication. Please keep the following in mind while writing your proposal:

  • Students are eligible for submission of a grant request prior to receiving acceptance into a conference, presentation, etc. 
  • Grants are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Funding is not guaranteed
  • Proposals will not be considered until the Faculty Letter of Support form is completed. This form is to be completed after the faculty member has reviewed the student's grant request. 
  • Projects that are part of a course requirement are not eligible for Undergraduate Research funds
  • The purchase of items (i.e. supplies, flights, hotels, etc.) will not be reimbursed if purchased prior to receiving an official grant award letter

**Each student is only eligible for 2 Production of Research grants (up to $600.00 total) and 1 Presentation of Research Grant per academic year (July 1 - June 30).**

Production of Research Grant

These are grants to help students with the direct cost of research or creative works. Student research grants are intended to defray the direct costs of conducting scholarly or creative work. Grant amounts range from $50-$600.

Presentation of Research Grant

These support costs incurred by students to present their work. These could include travel and/or supplies related to presenting your scholarly or creative work. Most of your travel expenses to present research can be covered, including lodging, plane fare, and registration fees. Direct costs of preparing a talk, artwork or poster can also be included in your grant award. Maximum grant award is $750.