Service-Learning Courses

Interested in taking a class that offers Service-Learning?

Here are some courses you can check out:

Fall 2013

COMM 346: Strategic Communication Campaigns - Szabo, E.

COMM 367:Organizational Communication - Daughters, K.

ECON 329/Theo 349: Economic Thought and Religious Values- Finn, D.

ENGL 214: Writing Well- Bolin, C.

ETHS/ESSS 390: Sports Ethics- LaFountaine, J.

EDUC 111: Teaching in a Diverse World-Spenader, A.; Odette, E.; Schnettler, L.; Peters, A.

ESSS 321: Culture and Sport- LaFountaine, J.

NUTR 343: Food Production and Procurement-Elhard, B.

PCST 347: Human Rights and Religion- Pagnucco,R.

PCST 368G: Religion, Society, and Politics- Pagnucco, R.

PSYC 360: Developmental Psychology- Livingston, M.; Faber, B.

SOCI 340: Crimonology and Corrections- Nelson, S.

THEO 339B: Spiritual Companioning- Reuter, S. Mary