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Thinking About Service-Learning?

We are excited that you are condsidering a service-learning component for your class. We have over 70 organizations in the greater St. Cloud area that work with our students in a variety of capacities.

These questions are designed to assist you in planning your service learning course:

  1. What are the goals of my course?

  2. How will service help me achieve these goals?

  3. How will I define service within the content of my course?

  4. Will my course be service-centered or content centered?

  5. Will service be required or optional?

  6. How many hours of service will my students complete (standard is 20 hours)?

  7. How many students will be enrolled for this course?

  8. How will community partners play a role as co-educators?

  9. How will the service-learning program play a role as co-educator?

  10. How will I implement reflection in my course?

  11. How will service-learning be assessed/measured?

  12. What faculty development opportunities would I like the Service-Learning Program to offer in increase my knowledge and understanding of service-learning and my role within this pedagogy?