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Faculty Involvement Timeline

The following is a brief list of information requested of faculty by the Service-Learning Program. All information contributes to the success of the service-learning experience and the integrity of the program.

1.   Students and community partners will be asked to complete an evaluation of their experience. This will be shared with professors for grading purposes.

2.   Schedule a date, time, and location of initial presentation by the Service-Learning Program.

          a.   Requests for Fall semester - due mid-late April

          b.   Requests for Spring Semester - due mid-late November

3.   Coordinate and confirm community partners and report these sites to the Service-Learning Program. If offering service-learning in a course that is taught yearly, the Service-Learning Program will assume that community partners will remain the same unless otherwise notified by the professor.

4.   Schedule dates requesting the Service-Learning Program and/or community partners to facilitate and/or attend reflection discussions.

5.   Provide the Service-Learning Program with a current syllabus. Updated syllabi are requested each semester.

Note: If your course requires a service-learning component, this must be submitted with course offerings and designated in the registration catalogue. This is not required if service-learning is optional.

Beginning of Semester

  1. Attend the service-learning fair.
  2. Students are required to attend if they are working with multiple partners.
  3. Faculty are encouraged to attend the fair and to meet with community partners at a lunch held prior to the event.
  4. Communicate with the Service-Learning Program of any issues in students starting and contracting placements.
  5. Note: The Service-Learning Program makes every attempt to place students with their first preference site of service. This is not possible in every case. Students need to be aware that by ranking placements, they are indicating that they are willing to work with a second or third choice as well.

During the Semester

  1. If requesting our department to assist with or facilitate reflection discussions, provide department with appropriate questions or topics that you would like addressed. Please request our assistance at least one week prior to discussion.
  2. Notify the Service-Learning Program of any issues or concerns relating to student experiences at sites.

End of Semester

  • Last day for students to post hours online is midnight of the last day of the semester.