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Registering for Internship Credit

Important Notice: You MUST be officially registered before you can begin your internship for-credit. Internship credits cannot be earned retroactively, thus students are not allowed to register for credit after completing an internship experience. You are not able to count hours towards your internship until the completed contract has been received by the ELCE Office.

1. For questions or concerns regarding internships, please call our Student Internship Coordinators at 320-363-5256. 

2. Students must have achieved junior standing (earned 58 credits toward graduation) to be eligible to complete a for-credit internship. Deviations from this guideline require prior approval from the department chair and the Assistant Director of ELCE.

     a. International students pursuing an internship for-credit must also complete Curricular Practical Training (CPT) forms found on the IISS website.          

3. Attend a MANDATORY, one-hour Legal and Professional Issues Session the semester before you plan to


a. Sessions are offered in November-December for spring interns and in April for summer and fall interns.

b. You do not need to sign up in order to attend a session.

c. PLEASE NOTE: The Assistant Director of ELCE will not sign internship registration forms until you have attended a Legal and Professional Issues Session.

4. Find a Faculty Moderator in the department where you plan to earn internship credits. The faculty moderator is typically a professor from whom you've taken a class or with whom you've developed a relationship.

a. Please note: Global Business Leadership majors earning internship credit during the academic year (both fall and spring) will work with Kingshuk Mukherjee as their faculty moderator. GBUS interns registering for summer credits should email Steve Schwarz with their intended site and a short description of what they'll be doing at the internship. If approved by Steve, you will be assigned a faculty moderator. 

5. Academic interns must determine the number of internship credits you intend to earn. Please refer to the hours per credit guidelines below to determine the minimum number of hours required on-site per the number of credits earned over the 16-week academic semester or 12-week summer term.

a.  To calculate the minimum hours you’ll need to spend on-site, please use the following formulas based on hours required per credit:

    • Fall/Spring Minimum Hours Per Week (i.e. 16 weeks/160 hours total = 10 hours/week)
    • Summer Minimum Hours Per Week (i.e. 12 weeks/160 hours total = 13 hours/week)

# Credits

Req. Hrs.

Fall/Spring (16 Weeks)

Summer (12 Weeks)


















































b. You must adhere to the program guidelines for minimum hours and duration of an academic internship.

i. Duration of Internships for Credit:

- Academic Year: 16 weeks over one semester

- Summer: 12 weeks over summer break

 ii. Deviations from the above guidelines require prior approval from the academic department and the Assistant Director of ELCE.

c. Students at CSB/SJU are allowed to earn a maximum of 16 internship credits during their four-year college experience.

d. Check with your academic department about its requirements for earning internship credits and the maximum number of internship credits that you can count towards your major.

6. When registering for classes during typical registration periods, those planning to register for internship credits must be sure to register for the "Internship placeholder" based on the semester information below:

a. Fall: DNA 397 O1A, CRN #11192

b. Spring: DNA 397 01A, CRN #12799

c. Also enter the accurate amount of credits you hope to earn.

7. As soon as an internship placement has been secured with an organization, students planning to register for internship credits should schedule an appointment to meet with your faculty moderator to discuss the learning contract (including learning goals and means of evaluation for the internship experience). During this appointment, faculty moderators will finalize learn goals and tasks/strategies for the semester and determine your means of evaluation (e.g., expectations students will need to meet in order to demonstrate learning).

8. Start drafting a learning contract using the online learning contract system, which can be found here. Instructions to create learning goal and objectives can be found by clicking here. (To access samples of learning goals and objectives by major, please click here).

a. Please be sure to fill in all fields accurately.

b. Please contact the ELCE office right away with any system problems by calling 320-363-5256 or emailing

c. Once you click, "submit" the contract will automatically be sent to faculty moderator who can choose from the following options:

i. Accept the contract as is,

ii. Accept the contract with changes they have made,

iii. Send back the contract back to you for changes that need to me made according to their comments.

d. Once the Faculty Moderator accepts and approves, the contract will automatically be sent to the Department Chair (if applicable) for review and approval.

e. From the Department. Chair, the contract will automatically be sent to the Site Supervisor for review and acceptance.

f. Once all parties have viewed and approved the learning contract, it will automatically be sent to the Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement (ELCE) for review by the Student Internship Coordinators who will:

i. Review contracts for completeness, as well as ensure that contracts meet the guidelines set forth by the Office.

ii. Send the contract to Laura Hammond (Assistant Director of ELCE) to sign and approve.

g. After Laura reviews and approves internship learning contracts, the final contract will be sent to the Registrar's Office for official registration.

i.Please note that the faculty moderator, site supervisor, Department Chair (if applicable), and yourself will receive a copy of this email message.

ii.Once you receive this message, you are able to count hours towards your internship credit requirement guidelines (see #5.a. above). For this reason, it is especially important you submit the learning contract ASAP and in advance of the intended start date at the internship site!

9. During internship, academic interns will be required to submit the following reports to the Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement (these will also be shared with the student's faculty moderator):

a. Intern's First Report (waived for GBUS/ACFN majors)

b. Intern's Second Report (waived for GBUS/ACFN majors)

c. Joint Midterm Evaluation

d. Supervisor's Final Evaluation

e. Final Self-Evaluation

f. Click here for due dates that are based on the 16-week or 12-week internship guidelines for the semester.

10. Academic interns are required to schedule and complete a site visit or conference call with your site supervisor and faculty moderator during the first half of internship. Email the scheduled site visit/conference call date to the Assistant Director of ELCE ( in advance of the site visit or conference call so she can record the completion of this requirement and attend the meeting when available.

a. Sample questions are available here to review during the site visit or conference call.

Registering for an Internship