ELCE Scholarships & Fellowships

The Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement facilitates a variety of scholarships and fellowships. These opportunities are available for both CSB and SJU students. Please see below for a current list of offerings

Lindmark Fellowship :The Lindmark Fellowship in Ethics is available to two Saint John’s juniors to complete a full-time, 10-week, on-campus summer research project in professional ethics. Fellowship recipients receive $7,000 for their efforts, with on-campus room and board expenses paid by the student. The research topic of professional ethics is broadly construed to include ethical issues in a variety of occupations or professions. Twice per month, fellows meet with their fellowship faculty advisers to receive mentorship and support for their research.

Mayo Scholars Program: The Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP) offers an unparalleled opportunity for selected undergraduate students along with a small group of MBA students to research specific projects submitted by Mayo Clinic professionals. Whether they research the medical-scientific aspect of the project, or work on business-oriented tasks, students involved in the MISP project work alongside a faculty mentor and MBA student to explore cutting-edge products, research topics, and examine services provided by the Mayo Clinic. The experience involves training/orientation in the fall, followed by intensive research and work to write a paper and prepare a presentation that is given at the Mayo Clinic in March.

MPR/Gary Eichten Fellowship :Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)/ Gary Eichten Fellowship Program: Two students are selected each year, one CSB and one SJU student, to complete an internship at MPR, located in downtown St. Paul, learning the basics of news writing, reporting and production with a goal to write and produce material for MPR newscasts. This prestigious fellowship was created in honor of Gary Eichten, a 1969 Saint John’s University graduate, who wore many hats during his award-winning, 40-plus year career at Minnesota Public Radio. Selected fellows work full time at MPR for 10 weeks each summer.