Meet the Bonners

Thank you for visiting our Meet the Bonners page. Below, you will learn about the Bonners of the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University.

Marah Jacobson Shulte, Director of ELCE


Adia Zeman, Bonner/Service-Learning Coordinator

Katie Vogel, Office Coordinator


Justin Markon, Senior, McCarthy Center


Katherine Maguire, Senior, Kennedy Kidstop


Leah Ranta, Senior, Institute for Women's Leadership

Katie Cleary, Junior, ELCE Bonner Coordinator

 Theresa Farrell, Junior, Upward Bound


Melissa Goranowski, Junior, CSB Office of Sustainability


Tyler Heimrel, Junior, St. Raphael's Retirement Center


Jackie Liska, Junior, Kennedy Kidstop


Cullen McAnally, Junior, Kennedy Kidstop

Rylee Pool, Junior, Lutheran Mental Health Services


Meg Schrafft, Junior, ELCE- Academic Coordinator

Kevin Curwick, Sophomore, ELCE-Academic Coordinator

Amy Eiden, Sophomore, Catholic Charities- Bel Clare Estates

Allison Fischbach, ELCE-Academic Coordinator


Pearce Jensen, Sophomore, St. John's Outdoor University


Allysa Larson, Sophomore, Southside Boys and Girls Club

Sinloria Macrae, Sophomore, ELCE- Internships Coordinator

Christine Palmer, Sophomore, ELCE- Academic Coordinator


Seth Peterson, Sophomore, Minnesota Street Market

Sabrina Schultz, Sophomore, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Katie Stelzner, Sophomore, Minnesota Street Market

Taylor Fournier, First Year, Kennedy Kidstop


Annie Johnson, First Year, Kennedy Kidstop

Allie Kanyetzny, First Year, Catholic Charities- Foster Grandparent Program

Meghan Keaveny, First Year, America Reads

Megan Kocer, First Year, Catholic Charities- Bel Clare Estates


Shauna Lynch Slavin, First Year, Kennedy Kidstop

Jamie McCarthy, First Year, CSB Campus Ministry- SSJ

Kenedy Meyer, First Year, America Reads

Skylar Peyton, First Year, CSB Campus Ministry-SSJ

Aaron Wildenborg, First Year, St. John's Outdoor University

Maggie Wothe, First Year, United Way


Graduated Bonners

These are the Bonners that have graduated from CSB/SJU

Stacey Endres '09 

Jana Graczyk '11

Jackie Carlson '12

Elise Gerereux '12

Brynn Haugen '12

Kelsey Minten '12

Chelsea Parker '12

Adia Zeman '12

Matia Twedt '13

Galen Himrich '13

Kody Williams '13

Mary Erikson '13

Sergio Aguilera '13

Molly Kalina '13

Alicia Renstrom '13

Briana Abrahamson '13

Meghan Helmbrecht '13

Christina McNeill '13

Kayla Becker '13

Erin Wurzberger '13

Jamie Swanson '14