Experiential Learning & Community Engagement

Mission Statement:

The Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement supports programs that empower CSB/SJU students to integrate and apply knowledge and theory gained in the classroom setting to a hands on learning environment, such that a deeper understanding is gained and demonstrated through clear learning outcomes. The office brings together students, faculty members, businesses, non-profit organizations and government partners to promote access to mutually beneficial partnerships through experiential learning opportunities.

What we do:

The Office of Experiential Learning & Community Engagement provides students with access to hands-on experiences that compliment and accompany ideas, theories, practices, and methods taught in the classroom.

Our office includes:

2012-2013 Highlights

  • 24 Bonner Leaders
  • 20 CSB Marie and Robert Jackson Fellows (2012 Summer Cohort and 2013 Summer Cohort)
  • 290+ students participated in academic internship opportunities
  • 560+ students completed service-learning projects
  • 115+ students engaged in Undergraduate Research projects

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Contact Us

Marah Jacobson-Schulte, M.S.
(320) 363-5117

Assistant Director:
Laura Hammond, MSW/LGSW
(320) 363-5300

Service-Learning/Bonner Coordinator:
Adia Zeman
(320) 363-5237

Office Coordinator:
Katie Vogel
(320) 363-5799

Internship Student Worker:
(320) 363-5256

Service-Learning Student Worker:
(320) 363-5256