Careers in Economics

An economics major or minor are excellent preparation for life and work after college. But what specifically does an Economics Degree prepare you to do after graduation? Pretty much any path you want to take.

Career Possibilities After Graduation

Undergraduates who study economics are qualified to pursue a wide variety of careers after graduation. Possible jobs include financial and investment analyst, commodity analyst, market analyst, management consultant, entrepreneur, and economist.

What makes the economics degree so versatile and valuable in today's job market is a combination of what economists study, how they study it, and how they apply this knowledge.

And at CSB/SJU, the economics department's curriculum offers our majors even more valuable skills to take into the workplace.

Learn more about careers in economics, the career paths CSB/SJU graduates have pursued, and the answers to a 2000 survey of CSB/SJU economics alums.

Also check out the CSB/SJU Career Services Office for more information on careers in economics and general information on career planning.

Graduate School

A number of CSB/SJU economics majors pursue post-baccalaureate studies, either immediately after graduation or later in their careers.

Some majors continue their studies in economics at both the masters and Ph.D. levels.  Others find their economics background to give them strong preparation for studies in a wide variety of applied programs, including business, public policy, environmental studies, urban studies, and even medicine; and majors entering law school find that economics well prepares them for the law's rigorous analytical and reasoning requirements.

Learn more about the post-baccalaureate studies that may be of interest to economics majors. 

Preparation for Living in an Ever-changing World

Economics majors and minor are also well prepared to participate in an ever-changing world as informed citizens as well.  The emphasis on economic issues and policies give students in economics a more complete picture of the world and more ways for understanding the complex world in which we live.