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Are You Considering Taking Time Away?


Students find it necessary to leave SJU either temporarily or permanently for a variety of reasons.  If you feel you need to take some time away, we encourage you to visit the Office of the Dean of Students.  We are available to talk to you about your situation, discuss your options and assist you through the process should you decide to leave for any period of time.  Call (320)363-3512 or email SJU Dean of Students to schedule an appointment.


What's the Difference?

Academic Leave

An academic leave allows the student the opportunity to return to SJU after a specified period of time away. Students are able to take up to a full academic year of leave. If the student wishes to extend their leave, they must contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Permanent Withdrawal

A permanent withdrawal means the student will not return to SJU to complete his studies. If the student wishes to return to SJU at a later date, he will need to reapply through the Office of Admissions.

Term Withdrawal

A term withdrawal, much like an academic leave, allows the student the opportunity to return to SJU after a specified time away. A Term Withdrawal is used after 11:59 PM prior to the first day of classes and lasts for the remainder of the semester.


Contact Us

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Michael Connolly
Dean of Students

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