CSB sustainability efforts generate positive reactions

Two major sustainability efforts introduced at CSB over a year ago have generated positive reactions from students and staff.

CSB is one of only 12 colleges and universities in the U.S. to ban the sale of bottled water on campus and was the first to do so in Minnesota. In order to accommodate the change, 40 hydration stations have been installed at CSB and have been used to fill over 293,350 16 oz. water bottles from August 2011 to August 2012. There are two hydration stations in the Haehn Campus Center without counters, so the number of bottles filled is even higher.

"It's gone really, really smoothly," Judy Purman, director of sustainability, said. "It reflects well on how willing the community is to make some changes. There have been very few complaints."

In addition to the success of the bottled water policy, the removal of trays from the Gorecki Dining and Conference Center has been well received. Food waste is estimated to have decreased 30 percent, which means the amount of food purchased is also down 30 percent. Less soap and water have been used due to the elimination of washing 3,000 trays daily.

"It's been awesome," Carmen Welinski, culinary services manager, said. "Customers are now very familiar with how to maneuver and carry their food without trays. We will continue to do anything and everything possible to make the effort to be sustainable."

Most CSB students agree and appreciate the sustainability efforts of the campus.  

"I think it's been accepted pretty well. I haven't heard any complaints," Maria Pugliese, a CSB sophomore, said. "I always carry a water bottle to fill up which I've seen a lot more people doing too. I'm all for sustainability efforts."