Meet the Institute for Women's Leadership Staff


Gaby Galeano, Student Director


Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Year: Senior

Majors: Management   Minor: Political Science

Involvement: ABE Co-Leader Dominican Republic, ABE Co-Leader St. Cloud

Most played song on my Ipod: La Llave de mi Corazon - Juan Luis Guerra

Dream Vacation: Tomorrowland Music Festival, Belgium

Favorite Feminist: Frida Kahlo

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?: It means uniting as women  and continue to strive for gender equality. It means not taking for granted the fight for our rights, that many women went through in the past. It means fighting stereotyopes and EMBRACE being ourselves.


Alul Yesak , Volunteer Program Coordinator

Year: Senior

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Majors: Political Science and Peace Studies

Involvement: Peace Studies Club, Inter Faith Leaders

Most Playes Song on your iPod: Oh Sleeper - Children of Fire

Dream Vacation: Axum, Ethiopia

Favorite Feminist: Wagari Maathai

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?: Women's Leadership is when women realize their weakness, which will enable them to make decisions that will affect their personal as well as their professional life.



Abbey Carver

Women's Expeditions Coordinator

Year: Senior

Major: Nutrition (Food Studies Concentration) and Management (Leadership in Organizations Concentration) 

Involvement: : Nutrition Club Co-President, Fishing Club, Student Philanthropy Fund, Volleybal Intramurals 

Most Played Song on iPod: Everything by Bruce Springsteen

Dream Vacation: A hiking, hunting, and fishing outdoor adventure to Northwest United States, Alaska, or Canada while staying in a sizable lodge build of native wood surrounded by pine trees and dining on fresh local fare. 

Favorite Feminist: Warren Buffet 

What Does Women's Leadership Mean to You?:

To me, women's leadership means challenging the traditional norms of femininity and empowering, motivating, encouraging, and advocating for others to support feminism. 


Janey Gengel, Public Relations Coordinator 


Hometown: New Prague, MN

Name: Janey Gengel

Year: Senior

Majors: Communication/Gender and Women's Studies

Involvement: Students Today Leaders Forever, Boys and Girls Club, and Comm Dept. Magazine

Most Played Song on iPod: Go by Avalanche City

Dream Vacation: Hopping around the universe aboard the USS Enterprise

Favorite Feminist: Patrick Stewart

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?: It means that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, I know I have the power to empower and the determination to do so. It's learning how to define oneself in a world that believes feminism has accomplished its goals. It means having the capacity to understand the double-edged sword that is feminism and bringing together a group of people with true and often unrealized power.


Danielle Liebl, Program Coordinator

Victoria Adofoli, Program Coordinator

Year: Senior


Involvement: .

Most Played Song on iPod:

Dream Vacation:

Favorite Feminist:

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?:


 Erin Brown, Program Coordinator

Hometown: Waukesha, WI

Year: Senior

Major: Hispanic Studies & Theology

Minor: Management

Involvement: Volunteer at Catholic Charities

Most played song on my Ipod: Holland Road - Mumford and Sons

Dream Vacation: Bali, Indonesia

Favorite Feminist: Eleanor Roosevelt

What does Women's Leadership mean to you?: Women's Leadership helps women to overcome barriers to gender equality, aiding in the recognition and use of their strenghts and full potential to empower others to work towards a common goal.