Current Student Information

Welcome to CSB Residential Life!

Here you will find general information regarding room selection, move in, breaks, housing options, etc. 

For details regarding breaks and closing policies, please go to our Intranet Site. Students can log in using their network name and password.

Attention! Spring 2016 Study Abroad Students

Apply and interview for an RA/CA position for the 2016-2017 academic school year!

RA/CAs are vital members of the Residential Life team, working with Area Coordinators and Residence Directors, maintenance and custodial staff, security, support staff and management staff to provide resources that serve our residents' needs. Most of all, RA/CAs are expected to be people who respect and care about the rights and dignity of all people, who challenge and support growth in themselves and others, and who strive to create a welcoming, positive learning environment for all residents. 

Click here for more information on the RA-CA Application Process for 2016-2017

Timeline for Spring 2016 Study Abroad Applicants:

  • November 2:      Application opens online
  • November 24:   Application closes
  • November 25:   Applicants are notified about interview
  • December 1-4:  Interviews are conducted
  • February 17:       Decision letters sent

Break Information

All CSB Residence Halls close during break periods as outlined in the Campus Housing Agreement. Please make plans to go home or to visit friends or relatives away from campus during break periods. During break periods the halls are closed and campus services are very limited (access to food service is limited or not available at times and other amenities are not available as well).

The Residence Halls are closed for breaks during
the following periods:

Thanksgiving Break*    

Nov. 24, 2015  (8 p.m.) - Nov. 29, 2015 (9 a.m.)

Semester Break*

Dec. 19, 2015 (8 p.m.) - Jan. 10, 2016 (9 a.m.)

Spring/Easter Break*

Mar. 18, 2016 (8 p.m.) - Mar. 28, 2016 (9 a.m.)

Summer Break

May 6, 2016   (6 p.m.)

*Request to remain on campus during break.