Current Student Information

Welcome to CSB Residential Life!

Here you will find general information regarding room selection, move in, breaks, housing options, etc. 

For details regarding breaks and closing policies, please go to our Intranet Site. Students can log in using their network name and password.

Break Information

All CSB Residence Halls close during break periods as outlined in the Campus Housing Agreement. Please make plans to go home or to visit friends or relatives away from campus during break periods. During break periods the halls are closed and campus services are very limited (access to food service is limited or not available at times and other amenities are not available as well).

The Residence Halls are closed for breaks during
the following periods:

Thanksgiving Break*    

Nov. 25, 2014 (8 p.m.) - Nov. 30, 2014 (9 a.m.)

Semester Break*

Dec. 16, 2014 (8 p.m.) - Jan. 11, 2015 (9 a.m.)

Spring Break*

Feb. 27, 2015 (8 p.m.) - Mar. 8, 2015 (9 a.m.)

Easter Recess*

Apr. 2, 2015 (8 p.m.) - Apr. 6, 2015 (9 a.m.)

Summer Break

May 8, 2015 (6 p.m.)

*Request to remain on campus during break.

End of Academic Year

Students are required to check out of their residence halls, campus house or apartment within 24 hours of their last final (or last due date for final projects). We ask that students who are finished with their academic work leave so as to allow the remaining students, still studying for finals and students on final projects the best environment possible to complete their work. All campus residence areas (apartments, houses and residence halls) close at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 8th. Students who are graduating on Saturday, May 9th and those moving to summer housing will be permitted to remain past this time provided they complete the required late stay request.