2014-2015 Calendar

Spring 2014



Jan. 14, Tue.

Halls Reopen at 9:00 am 

Jan. 15, Wed.

Spring term classes begin

Jan. 20, Mon.

Martin Luther King Day- Classes will be held

Feb. 28, Fri.

Classes end at 6:00pm. Halls close for Spring Break at 8:00 pm

Mar. 1-9, Sat.-Sun.

Spring Break

Mar. 9, Sun.

Halls Reopen at 9:00 am 

Mar. 10, Mon.

Classes resume

Mar. 16, Sun.

CSB Fall Housing Intent Form due, Intentional Community Proposals due, Pre-selection Apps due and Requests for Accomodation due

Mar. 26, Wed.

Pre-Registration due for Summer Housing

Apr. 8, Tue.

Two Person Senior Selection

Apr. 12-13, Sat.-Sun.

Senior Events 

 Apr. 14, Mon.

Four Person Senior Majority

 Apr. 16, Wed.

General Senior and Junior Room Selection

Apr. 17, Thur.

Classes end at 6:00pm. Halls close for Easter Break at 8:00 pm

Apr. 18-21, Fri.-Mon.

Easter Recess

Apr. 21, Mon.

Halls Reopen at 9:00 am

Apr. 22, Tue.

Classes resume -- Suite and Single Room Selection for Sophomores

Apr. 24, Thur.

Scholarship and Creativity Day

Apr. 28, Mon.

Sophomore Double Room Selection

May 1, Thur.

Summer Housing Selection

May 9, Fri.

Classes end at 6:00 pm for End of Term

May 12, Mon.

Study day

May 13, Tue.

First day of exams

May 14, Wed.

Second day of exams

May 15, Thur.

Third day of exams

May 16, Fri.

Fourth day of exams

May 16, Fri.

Spring term closes. Halls close at 6:00 pm

May 17, Sat.

Commencement: CSB

July 30, Wed.                    

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Fall 2014



 Aug. 21, Thur.

 First year student move-in

 Aug. 21-24, Thur.-Sun.

 First year orientation

 Aug. 22, Fri.

 Transfer student move in

Aug. 23-24, Sat.-Sun.

Returning student move-in

 Aug. 25, Mon.

 Fall classes begin

 Sept. 1, Mon.

 Labor Day- classes will be held

 Sept. 18, Thur.

 Mod B begins

 Oct. 4, Sat.


 Oct. 10, Fri,

Classes end at 6 p.m.

 Oct. 13-14, Mon.-Tue.

 Free days- Long Weekend

 Oct. 15, Wed.

 Mod C begins

 Oct. 24-26, Fri.-Sun.

 Family Weekend

 Nov. 10, Mon.

 Mod D begins

 Nov. 25, Tue.

 Halls close at 8 p.m.

 Nov. 26-28, Fri.-Sun.

 Thanksgiving Break

 Nov. 27, Thur.

 Thanksgiving Day

 Nov. 30, Sun.

 Halls open at 9 a.m.

 Dec. 10, Wed.

 Study day

 Dec. 11, Thur.

 First day of exams

 Dec. 12, Fri.

 Second day of exams

 Dec. 15, Mon.

 Third day of exams

 Dec. 16, Tue.

 Fourth day of exams

 Dec. 25, Thur.

 Christmas Day