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Centennial Commons was built to be a sustainable part of the CSB Landscape.  The building is being built to "meet the standards of at least silver certification" in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) classification, according to Judy Purman, CSB's director of sustainability. The complex is being built to a 100-year life and the design engineering is as efficient as possible - high efficiency windows and furnace, natural daylight harvesting, low-flow plumbing, exterior LED light fixtures, etc.

Sustainable Features Included in Centennial Commons include:

  • Townhomes were clustered (compact development) and extensive community resources are available within a ½ mile including a library, fitness center, convenience store, church, shops.Building quality management plan in place
  • Designed and built for durability and long life
  • Building site was not habitat for threatened or endangered species, a wetland, or a public parkland.
  • Erosion control was in place during construction.
  • The landscape was designed to minimize turf and use drought resistant plants.
  • Nontoxic pest control is utilized.
  • High efficiency fixtures and fittings were used (faucets, showers, toilets).
  • Energy performance was optimized (ventilation, exhaust standards met, distribution of space heating and cooling).
  • Environmentally preferable products were used and sourced locally when possible (wood, roofing, landscape hardscapes).
  • Construction waste diversion was documented and recycled.
  • Air filtering improves indoor air quality.
  • Education program in place for residents.