CSB Student Summer Employee Meal Plans

Add Bucks (i.e. flex) to your personal account in increments of $25.00 - It's Easy!
~Stop in at the Culinary Services - Main Office (Gorecki) or click the highlighted link to request an account be established for Summer 2014 
(CSB Summer Meal Plan Signup) ~ Please allow 1 business day for your plan to be setup. Then log into  Manage My ID to add dining bucks.

~Log on to Manage My ID
          Deposit funds in $25 increments using a credit card (available for immediate use) 
          On this site, you can also:
                                                     Review transaction history
                                                     Check the remaining balance on your account

Bucks can be used at either campus during the summer months
Valid at these locations
          Gorecki Dining Room
          Good 2 Go
(SJU Refectory rates and serving times may differ)
Summer Meals Plans will be Valid: Monday, June 1st, 2015 thru Sunday, August 9th 2015. All remaining bucks after August 9th,  2015 will expire.
Students working on campus for the summer can purchase Bucks on account and dine at the Employee rate ( with or with out bucks).
Meal Rate: The 2014-2015  pre-tax rate will apply when dining at Gorecki:

                    With Bucks Without Bucks
Breakfast $6.30 $7.25
Lunch $7.00 $8.25
Dinner $9.00 $10.25

Please view our website for Gorecki and Good 2 Go serving days/hours. This will vary throughout the summer - be sure to check often.
If you have questions, please contact our main office (320-363-5112) or email CSBCulinary@csbsju.edu