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Class Descriptions

Core Fusion: This is a total body toning class that provides exercises with particular emphasis (but NOT limited to) on the gluts, thighs, and abs. A variety of equipment is incorporated, such as arm/leg bands, weights, stability balls, ect.

Step: This cardio class is a high energy, fun cardio workout that utilizes the step! Participants are taught and lead through a series of combinations and moves that are sure to trigger major muscle groups and body zones while receiving a cardio workout on the step. Expect a fun, cardio-blasting workout every time!

Pilates: This toning class focuses on building muscle strength, core strength, balance, and flexibility. Pilates consists of a variety of toning exercises performed on a mat, and can also include using other various equipment (balls, small weights, ect.). We mostly focus on five main muscle groups such as the abs, legs, arms, glutes, and backs!

Total Body Conditioning: Come to a class that incorporates both cardio and toning combinations/exercises fused into one complete workout! Total Body Conditioning provides a cardio workout through utilizing the step, in which step combinations are applied. Toning exercises that target major muscle groups work in partnership with the cardio step workout and are incorporated throughout the class. The focus of this class is to run in intervals between cardio and toning, which the workout continuously switches from cardio on the step to toning exercises (which can include using weights, bands, balls, or body weight). This is one of our more difficult workouts, so come prepared to work hard!

ZUMBA: This fun, new aerobics class fuses hypnotic Latin American and hip hop rhythms with easy-to-follow dance steps. Get ready to Salsa, Meringue, Cumbia, and shake it for this hour long-long fitness class! Join the party, no experience necessary!

All about Abs: An incomparable abdominal workout that zeros in on the core muscles of the back and abdomen with the goal to tone, strengthen, and define your abs! This class will use  a variety of equipment including Bender balls and stability balls.

Yoga: Looking for time to unwind by being carefully guided through movements that will relax, strengthen, and replenish your mind and body? Some of the many health benefits of yoga geared toward students include; improving concentration, relieving muscle tension, and ultimately calming the busy mind. You will leave this class feeling fulfilled both mentally and physically. Keep in mind that majority of movements are going to be beginner-intermediate poses. We welcome ALL levels of yogis!

Yoga Sculpt: This class is a high-energy, full body strengthening class that includes weight resistance and bursts of cardio while factoring in classic yoga sculpt flows. This class will allow you to burn extra calories, tone up your muscles, build healthy bone density and build a reliable foundation for a strong, calm, and focused mindset on and off the mat.