Spiritual Retreats for Women

Busy Women's Retreats

 This 5-day retreat provides has three half-hour components: 30 minutes of prayer as an individual, 30 minutes of prayer with a spiritual companion (Sister from the Monastery), and 30 minutes of group prayer with inter-generational women. Students may participate in this retreat and still attend their classes. It is offered once per semester. If interested in learning more about this experience, please contact S. Sharon Nohner. 

Women's Faith Groups

All are welcome to join us for prayer, reflection, open discussion, and a deeper understanding of spirituality.  Contact CSB Campus Ministry for more details-ext. 5603

Mother-Daughter Retreat

A Retreat for Senior women and their Moms, celebrating the Mother-Daughter relationship and bond.  This retreat will take place in April.  Space is limited.  To register, contact S. Sharon Nohner.

Advent Retreat

Enter into the season on Advent by participating in this 3 hour-retreat. Through examining Scripture, this experience calls us to reflect on Christ's role in our lives during this season of new birth.

Lenten Retreat

This seasonal 3-hour retreat opportunity encourages participants to understand Lenten scripture. Self-examination in the areas of alms giving, fasting and prayer assist in preparing students for the personal transformation of the Lenten season.

Grief and Loss Groups

Contact CSB Campus Ministry for more information-ext. 5603