Alternative Winter Break Experiences

 Faithful Fools 2014

Break away from your comfort zone, raise your awareness of social issues and injustices such as poverty, racism, and environmental issues. Learn to integrate justice and service into your everyday life. Trip locations are across the United States and International. Some examples of the types of service and learning experiences we do at the sites are:

  • Spanish immersion and cultural diversity.
  • Helping in impoverished areas doing community work, building and restoring homes, schools etc.
  • Helping the homeless and serving in soup kitchens.
  • Education, helping disadvantaged youth, working with inner city children and tutoring adults.
  • Seeking justice through non-violence, resistance training.
  • Environmental and eco-justice.


 2013-2014 Theme

"Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Hands."

"What our group did was out of the ordinary; we crossed the line of giver and receiver to be all at the same level as everyone else. Once we stepped beyond the typical ideas of charity and service work, we were able to give and receive from each other."

~2014 Participant