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Who is eligible for the YAPC?
Any Saint Ben's alumna that has graduated within the past 15 years and meets or exceeds the giving levels that correspond to her class year.

How do I join the YAPC?
To join the YAPC, you must be a graduate of the last 15 years and make a gift that meets or exceeds the giving levels for your class year within a single fiscal year {July 1 - June 30}. There are two ways to meet the giving level:

•  Total giving within a fiscal year must reach the minimum level that corresponds to your class year.
•  Start a monthly automated gift that meets or exceeds the minimum level that corresponds to your class year.

You can make your one-time or sustainable YAPC gift online or send a check to the Annual Giving office.


Can I give more than the minimum amount associated with my class year?
Of course! 

How are YAPC gifts used?
YAPC gifts, like all annual gifts to Saint Ben's, are used to sustain strategic initiatives critical to the success of the college and provide immediate support to students. Without exception, the greatest ongoing need for your financial support is student scholarships. If you designate your gift to scholarships, a full 100% of your gift will support a deserving student at Saint Ben's. 

How does a sustainable gift work? Why do you encourage monthly giving?
When you choose to make a sustainable gift, you are choosing to automate your giving. You'll provide Saint Ben's with the authorization to simply deduct a set amount each month or quarter from your credit or debit account. Your sustainable gift saves the college valuable resources such as paper, postage, and calling costs. Many alumnae chose to make a sustainable gift because they are simple, convenient, and allows their gift to be split into affordable installments. Begin a sustainable gift today!

Which classmates are members of the YAPC?
View the YAPC Honor Roll for every year from 2011 - 2014.

What is the annual YAPC event?
Every summer, members of the YAPC will be invited to an exclusive annual celebration to honor their commitment to Saint Ben's. The event is held in Minneapolis and is an evening to gather with friends, reminisce, and celebrate the difference you've made in the lives of future Bennies. President Mary Dana Hinton will provide an update on your alma mater and share the bold vision for Saint Ben's future. View images from the YAPC event last year.

Do gifts to Blazer Backers count toward YAPC?
Yes. Any gift designation to Saint Ben's is eligible if it meets the YAPC giving levels.

Can I join the YAPC and President's Circle?
Yes, if you make a gift of $1,500 or greater in a single fiscal year {July 1 - June 30}, you are automatically a member of both the YAPC and President's Circle.

I work for a matching gift company. Do my matching dollars count?
Yes! Matching dollars from you or your spouse's employer count toward membership in the YAPC. Determine of you or your spouse works for a matching gift company.  

Giving Specific Questions

What happens if I change banks or credit cards?
Please call the Annual Giving office to update your information and ensure your payments and membership in the YAPC continue uninterrupted.

What if I want to change the amount of my gift?
You can change the amount of your gift at any time. Simply call or email to request the change. Typically, changes will take place on the first business day of the following month.

How will I know when my gift has been deducted?
You will see a deduction on your monthly credit card or bank statement. Typically, deductions occur on the first business day of the month.

What happens when my credit card expires?
If your credit card expires, your monthly gift will not be processed. Please call the Annual Giving office  to update your information and ensure your payments and membership in the YAPC continue uninterrupted.

More questions? Please contact us.

For questions related to giving or updating information:

Deb Linnemann, Annual Giving Associate

For general questions regarding YAPC:

Joy Pohland Janssen '10, Assistant Director of Annual Giving