Every Gift Matters

Make a Gift Today

Last year 21.4% of CSB alumnae made a gift to CSB. 

Why does that matter?  Well, the percentage of alums who make an annual financial gift to their alma mater is known as the alum participation rate, and the alum participation rate has practical consequences for Saint Ben's reputation, and as a consequence, the value of your degree.

How so? Alum participation is part of the formula for determining rankings in US News and World Report.  Sure, it is a small part - just 5 percent - but when one point out of a possible 100 separates Saint Ben's from its closest competitors - a jump in participation could be enough to move Saint Ben's ahead. It only takes 158 Bennies to increase our participation rate by 1%. You can make an impact.

But it is more than just rankings. It is also about admissions. The number of alumnae who give to the college also influences the quality and size of our applicant pool. Prospective students and their parents look at these numbers, too. As an alumna, your gift is a powerful statement that your experience at Saint Ben's meant something to you. You are telling the next generation of Bennies that as someone who knows Saint Ben's best, you still believe it is a worthy investment.

And every gift to Saint Ben's - every gift, of any amount - also makes the college a more effective, innovative and successful institution. Every gift, of every size makes a difference.  Last year, 80% of alumnae donors made gifts under $250 dollars.  These donors made it possible for 20 Bennies to receive our most prestigious scholarship, the Trustees' Scholarship, last year. To equal the spending power of these annual gifts the college would have needed to increase its endowment by more than $4.19 million dollars. Talk about strength in numbers! We can't do this without you. Every gift matters.

It matters for the resumes of every woman who has been here, every woman who is here now, and every woman who will be in here in the future.  If not you, who? If not now, when? Be counted among those who say that the College of Saint Benedict was the best investment they ever made. Make your gift today.