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Lecture Series

The University Chair in Critical Thinking sponsors an annual lecture series, Ethical Thinking in Modern Times, that brings to campus leading figures from the media and culture to engage the community in a conversation on the ethical and intellectual challenges of their work in the context of these global times. The University Chair in Critical Thinking at Saint John's University sponsors this series with additional support from other programs and departments on campus.

Aine Greaney
dance lessons

Chris Dodd
Eugene J. McCarthy Lecture

Hedrick Smith
Who Stole the American Dream?

Theo Dorgan
Nine Bright Shiners

Adam Zagajewski
Unseen Hand

James Silas Rogers
Northern Orchards:
Places Near the Dead

Patrick Hicks
The Commandant of Lubizec

Larry Haeg
Harriman vs Hill: Wall
Street's G
reat Railroad War

Jon Hassler Memorial
Reading Group

New Edition: Simon's Night

James Fallows
Interview with Gary Eichten

Dan Barry
Bottom of the 33rd: Hope,
Redemption and Baseball's
Longest Game 

Anthony Bukowski
Twelve Below Zero

Patrick Hicks 


Peter Quinn
The Man Who Never Returned

Patrick Hicks
This London

Marv Davidov and
Carol Masters

You Can Do That

Carol Connolly
All This and More

Chuck Hagel
America Our Next Chapter:
Tough Questions...
Strait Answers

Bill Holm
The Windows of Brimnes

J. Peter Scoblic
U.S. v. Them: Conservatism
and George W. Bush in the
Age of Nuclear Terror

E.J. Dionne
Eugene J. McCarthy Lecture

Charles Simic
Poetry Reading

Lech Walesa
Former President of Poland

Sr. Ciril Mooney
"From the Streets of Calcutta:
Teaching the Homeless and
the Rural Poor of India"

Anne Fadiman
The Spirit Catches You and You
Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors and the
Collision of Two Cultures



James Fallows
Lecture on the Iraq War

Abraham Verghese
"The Search for Meaning in
the Medical Profession"

Brenda Wilson
Lecture on AIDS in South Africa



Fred de Sam Lazaro
Lecture on Globalization