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Faculty Awards Presentation 2011

Anousheh Ansari: February 8, 2010. First Female Private Space Explorer and CEO, Chairman, and Co-founder, Prodea Systems, Inc. Renaissance Speaker Series.

Global Awareness Lecture: February 3, 2010. Retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer Roy Glover; The War in Afghanistan-An Insider's View.

A Panel Discussion on Darwinism Revolution: November 12, 2009

Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture Spring Lecture: Prosperity in Adversity: Adaptations of the Christian Communities of Syria and Mesopotamia to Muslim Rule During the Early Islamic Centuries. March 18, 2009. R. Stephen Humphreys , King Abdul Aziz Al Saud professor of Islamic studies and professor of history, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Green Design in the 21st Century: Lessons from the World. February 18, 2009. a lecture by Chris Butters, visiting professor from the University of Oslo (Norway). Butters is also an architect and consultant for GAIA (Global Awareness Interdisciplinary Alliance) International and has built sustainable communities and dwellings throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Taiwan, and Bhutan. Sponsored by the McCarthy Center.

McCarthy Center Presentation. February 12, 2009. Health Policy Crisis and Solutions. Sen. Dave Durenberger and Guy Clifton.

McCarthy Center Panel Discussion. February 11, 2009. Faith, Ethics, and Health Care. A conversation with Sen. Dave Durenberger, Professor Bernie Evans, and Toby Pearson.

McCarthy Center Panel Discussion. February 10, 2009. The Future of Policy and Partisanship. A panel discussion featuring Sen. Dave Durenberger, Sen. Mark Dayton, Rep. Mark Kennedy, Sen. Rod Gramms.

Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture Fall Lecture. November 17, 2008. Dr. Mary Bednarowski, Professor Emerita of Religion, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul. "Discovering the Obvious: Religion and Theology as Ever-Renewing Arenas of Human Creativity."

Shirber Lecture Series. November 13, 2008. "Child Maltreatment and Medical Practice" by Dr. Richard Kaplan.

Renaissance Speakers Series. November 12, 2008. National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths Belt discloses the secrets of a peripatetic life, revealing in often hilarious detail how she managed to juggle two children, bulky cases of camera equipment, and everything needed for a nurturing family life as she traveled to far-flung destinations around the world.

Morris Fiorina: November 11, 2008. The Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement hosts a public lecture and visit by Morris Fiorina, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Wendt Family Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. "2008 Presidential Election and the Culture War Myth."

McCarthy Lecture, Fall 2008. October 29, 2008. Professor and civil rights activist Julian Bond, chairman of the board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), delivered the second annual Eugene J. McCarthy Lecture on "Crossing the Color Line."

Mark Kennedy Frontiers in Freedom Lecture. October 16, 2008. Dr. Liam Fox, British Shadow Defense Minister. Sponsored by The Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement as well as Students Fostering Conservative Thought.

At What Cost? A Health Care Policy Panel. October 8, 2008. Featuring Twilla Brase RN, President of Citizens council on Helath Care, Steve Ehlen '93, Holland and Frank Insurance Broker, Joe Friedrich '64, CSB/SJU Economics Professor, MN State Rep. Larry Hosch '01, and Kathy Mock '80, Vice President for Public Affairs at BCBS.

Clemens Lecture 2008: October 6. Emily Oster, Ph.D. "The Power of TV: Women's Status in India and the Role of Cable Television."

Heritage Day 2008: September 24, 2008. Jay Weinstein.

Islamic Studies Task Force & Global Awareness Speaker: September 29, 2008. Juan Cole. "An Assured Peace" or "A Victory Hope For?" Iraqu realities and American politics. Co-sponsored by the University Chair in Critical Thinking and Academic Affairs.

Politics and a Pint, McCarthy Center Presentation: CSB & SJU Professor Ernie Diedrich. "Public Transportation in an Era of Rising Oil Prices."

21st Annual Peace Studies Conference: September 22, 2008

  • Dr. C. Ford Runge, Rhodes Scholar and Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Applied Economics and Law at the University of Minnesota. "The Human Cost of Biofuels: Malnutrition and Mortality Among Children in Poor Developing Countries: 2000-2015"
  • David L. Parker, MD, MPH, occupational health physician at the Park Nicollete Clinic. "Before Their Time: The World of Child Labor."
  • Linda Biehl. "The Real Work of Reconciliation." A personal story evolving from South Africa's Long Walk to Freedom.

Global Awareness Lecture: September 17, 2008. Ana Trišić Babić, Foreign Minister, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Scholarship & Creativity Day: April 23, 2008. Natalie Angier, Pullitzer-Prize winning author.

Ethical Thinking in Modern Times: April 21, 2008. Annual Lecture sponsored by the University Chair in Critical Thinking. J. Peter Scoblic, Executive Editor of The New Republic. Ideas Have Consequences: The Unlikely Origins of American Policies Toward the Axes of Evil and Not-So-Evil.

Koch Lecture: March 27, 2008. Dr. Anne Patrick, SNJM. Going After a Life: The Myth and Mystery of Vocation.

Economics Lecture by Dr. Sylvia Nasar: March 3, 2008. Globalization: Then and Now. Read more about Dr. Nasar.

McCarthy Center Video Archive

Koch Lecture: Nov. 8, 2007. After Regensburg: Where Catholic-Muslim Dialogue is Today by Dr. Sandra Keating. Read information on Dr. Keating.

McCarthy Lecture: Spring 2007. The Promise and Limits of Politics: What Gene McCarthy Taught Us by E.J. Dionne

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