Women's Health



Target: The recognition, prevention, and education of issues facing college-age women.  

Purpose: The Women's Health Committee strives to direct information that the women of CSB can not only relate to, but utilize and find meaningful. As advocates for the health and wellbeing of our fellow women here on campus, the Women's Health committee looks for new and purposeful information to encourage Bennies to live a healthier lifestyle.

What We Provide: Resources for women who are curious, exploring, or simply wanting more education about various woman-related topics (i.e. heart disease, breast cancer, personal wellbeing). The Women's Health committee encourages the women of CSB to utilize the resources and information we provide; our mission is to serve you to the best of our ability!



  • Breast Cancer Awareness 
  •  Love Your Body Week -  "Bennies are Beautiful"
  • Women's Month in March
  • Get Yourself Tested