George Anquandah

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry 2012George Anquandah

Ph.D.: Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL -  2011

B.Sc.: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana - 2001

  • Office: Ardolf Science Center # 156
  • Phone: (320) 363 -5297
  • Email:

Courses Taught:

Chem 125: Intro/ Chem Struct /Properties;  Chem 121: Skills in Chemistry;  Chem 201: Purification /Structure Lab 1; Chem 255: Macro Chem Analysis; Chem 205: Chem Measurement Lab

Research / Professional Interests:

My research interest lies in monitoring for micropollutants in surface water bodies and waste effluents, determining the fates of these pollutants and using the novel iron(VI) oxidants to degrade them. The fate of these micropollutants depends on many factors such as the natural organic matter, the protonation state of micropollutant and pH of the effluent water.  We determine the role of these factors to the degradation of these micropollutants. The kinetics, mechanism of oxidation and products of recalcitrant micropollutants and iron(VI) are studied to provide an alternate environmentally friendly treatment process for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.