2013 Students Awards

American Institute of Chemists Award

Michale T. Humbert

Carla M. Saunders

This award is presented to an outstanding senior from each school who has a demonstrated record of ability, leadership and shows professional promise in the field of chemistry or biochemistry. The award consists of a certificate and a one-year membership in the American Institute of Chemists.


Distinquished Service Award

Paige Armbrister
Erin O. Wissler

This award is presented annually to CSB or SJU senior who has contributed to the department in some aspect of service. Their name is placed on a plaque in the Ardolf Science Center.

Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry 

Michale T. Humbert 

This award is presented annually to seniors to recognize achievement by undergraduate students in Inorganic Chemistry and to encourage further study in the field.   

Glen Arth Award

Sam Klinker

Glen Arth graduated from Saint John's University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1933. He then attended the University of Colorado where he obtained a master's degree in chemistry. He went to work of the pharmaceutical company, Merck, Sharpe & Dohme, where he worked until his death in September 1975. Glen Arth made many important contributions in the synthesis and biochemistry of steroids. Notable among his accomplishments was his participation in the synthesis of cortisone.
In 1976 Glen Arth's friends and coworkers at Merck, Sharpe & Dohme established the Glen Arth scholarship in his memory. Annually this $750 award is given to an outstanding Saint John's University junior chemistry major.


Sister Rogatia Sohler Award

Erica Sinner
Sister Rogatia Sohler graduated brom the College of Saint Benedict with a Bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1932. Following graduation from CSB, she went to Marquette University from which she obtained a Master's degree in organic chemistry. In 1933, she began teaching chemistry at CSB where she taught until her retirement in 1973. Sister Rogatia died at the age of 90 in September 1992.
Sixteen years ago the Chemistry Department established an award in her name. The family of Dr. William Muldoon established an academic scholarship for this award. The $750 award is given annually to an outstanding College of Saint Benedict junior chemistry major.

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Autumn R. Flynn
Gabriel J. Amon
This award is presented annually to juniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the analystical chemistry sequence. The award consists of an eight-month subscription to the journal Analytical Chemistry and an eight-month honorary membership in the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.

ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Carla M. Saunders
This award is present to a Senior Chemistry or Biochemistry major who display a particular  aptitude in organic chemistry .

Abbot John Klassen Summer Research Award

Autumn Flynn
This award is presented annually to a students who conducts outstanding research at CSB/SJU in the summer.

Father Matthew Kiess Award

Anna Luke

Father Matthew Kiess was a master teacher and excellent experimental chemist. He was instrumental in leading the fund drive that led to the construction of the science center on the Saint John's campus in 1964-65. The $1000 scholarship in his name is awarded to a CSB or SJU sophomore or junior has shown outstanding skill, effort and accomplishment in the laboratory.

Richard L. Jochman Scholarship for Achievement in Organic Chemistry

Hieu Van
Alec Bramer

This award was estabished by Dr. Paul Zenk, an SJU alum, in memory of Dr. Jochman to recognize outstanding achievement in organic chemistry.

Department Award for Distinction in Chemical Reactivity 

Becca Flynn, Haley Chatelaine, Ben Heath, Sam Hager

Given to students who have demonstrated excellent achievement in our three reactivity courses, CHEM 250, 251, and 315

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

Sarah Clark , Claire Buysse, Faith Kersey-Bronec, Adam McVey,  Luke Morrey,  Dan Voce

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in first year chemistry. The awardees receive a copy of the CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry.

Department Award for Distinction in First Year Chemistry 

Emma Bonglack, Alex Vanyo, Nicole Womack, Michael Beckman, Allison R. Kosobud, Joe Koll, Lindsay Sommer, Ben Hodapp, Ellen Monzo, Zachary Gibbs, Zachary Gibbs, Ryan Johnson

This award recognizes excellence in achievement in first year chemistry.