The following are teaching programs in China that are approved by the Center for Global Education. Click the link below to quickly scroll to the program description:

Maryknoll China Teachers Program

Southwest University

Chinese Society of Education Training Center


Since 1998, the Maryknoll China Teachers Program has strived to make a difference in the lives of Chinese students by providing an exchange of ideas and culture between teachers and students. The program recruits young Catholics to teach at Chinese universities and act as cultural ambassadors in the schools and cities where they teach. Over the past 15 years, the program has recruited over 400 teachers from all over the United States to work in 27 different Chinese universities in China.

Duration: Program runs from August to July the following year.

Position DescriptionFull-time teaching of English and American culture at an assigned college or university in China (often in Northeast China).

Eligibility: ESL teachers must have a bachelor's degree, be over 21 years of age and not over 60 years of age. If you have TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate and/or any teaching experience, it helps the acceptance process in China.

Orientation: One week orientation program before going to assigned school begins August 13, 2014 in Hong Kong. Focuses on preparation for teaching: what to expect, class size, survival Chinese phrases, class planning, syllabus model, difference between Chinese and American classroom and students, etc.

Financial Compensation: Visa application fees covered by program; fees for required physical are not. Salary varies and is determined by host institution; approximately $750 - $850 per month. Extensive travel paid by self.

Housing: Provided. Free housing available for teachers at Maryknoll houses in Hong Kong, Tokyo, or in Philippines during vacations (winter holiday is 6 weeks).

Health Insurance: Provided by Maryknoll through Insurance Services of America while in mainland China.

Transportation: Airfare to and from Hong Kong paid by employee with partial reimbursement from assigned school upon completion of contract. Ground transportation to and from assigned school paid by Maryknoll.

Application Materials and Process: Application can be found here. The application deadline is February 1, 2014. Interviews on campus will be held in March. Notifications of acceptance will be sent in April.

Program Website:

E-mail contacts: Ms. Loretta Ho, or Fr. Dennis Cleary, M.M.



Southwest University (SWU), one of western China's most highly-ranked educational and research institutions, is located in the city of Beibei within China's Chongqing province. It is a large campus, with over 50,000 students. Southwest University partners on research and other academic projects with international universities and institutes in more than 30 countries -- including CSB/SJU, which has maintained a relationship with SWU for 30 years. Southwest University and CSB/SJU have been in cooperation for 30 years. SWU is the host institution for the CSB/SJU study abroad program in China as well as the Summer Global Research Internship program. SWU students come to CSB/SJU each summer as research assistants and are enrolled during the academic year as semester and year-long exchange students.

Duration: Program runs from late August to July.

Position Description: Teaching English conversation and American culture classes to undergraduate or graduate students at Southwest University.

Eligibility: Bachelor of Arts is required. Those with social science and humanities degrees and/or teaching experience or TESOL training are especially encouraged to apply.

Orientation: Week-long orientation at Southwest campus.

Financial Compensation: Monthly salary of 4500 Chinese RMB (about $725). Up to 7 hours of Chinese language lessons are provided to employee at no charge.

Housing: Free housing in a one-bedroom apartment with kitchen, bathroom, furniture, bedding, TV set, refrigerator, computer, air conditioning, and internet access provided by SWU.

Health Insurance: Health insurance is provided by employer (coverage: hospital care and severe accidental injury).

Transportation: Round-trip airfare to China paid by employer. Ground transportation between Chongqing airport and campus provided by employer.

Application Materials and Process: Interested candidates should complete and submit their application materials to the Center for Global Education.  Applications are accepted and considered on a rolling basis starting January 15, 2014.  Application deadline by May 20. Applicants are encouraged to apply early for first consideration.



The Chinese Society of Education Training Center (CSETC) operates its own high school in Beijing and partners with other schools in the region to provide foreign-language and other educational opportunities for elementary and high-school students. CSETC also administers summer language camps as well as cultural volunteer programs thoughout China. Recognized by UNESCO, the goals of these programs are to promote cultural exchange and understanding among international and Chinese students as they promote and preserve China's rich cultural heritage.

1)     Feb. 24, 2014 - Aug. 20, 2014 (4 months in a school in/near Beijing + summer camp)
2)     Feb. 24, 2014 - Jan. 5, 2015 (4 months in a school in/near Beijing + summer camp,
        + 4 months in a school in/near Beijing)
3)     Aug. 25, 2014 - Jan. 5, 2015 (4 months in a school in/near Beijing)

Position Description: Full-time position teaching conversational English to Chinese students:
1)     In summer camp programs in Beijing and other regions of China during the summer
2)     During the academic year at the CSETC school in Beijing and, occasionally, in
         CSETC-member public schools in the Beijing area for approximately 18 in-class
         hours per week. 

Eligibility: CSB and SJU graduates from all majors are eligible to apply to this program. This opportunity may also be be open to undergraduate Junior and Senior Peace Studies majors, with the approval of their department and advisor. Applicants must hold a current passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after their scheduled return from China. Applications will be considered on the basis of GPA (minimum 2.5), personal statement, experience and references. Preference will be given to candidates with any of the following experience: an academic study focus on Asian cultures; international travel experience (particularly in Asia); experience with Asian communities in the U.S. or abroad; training and/ or experience in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

Orientation: Upon arrival in Beijing, CSETC will provide 5 days of TESL training and cultural orientation. After the culture exchange program in each city, a 2-3 day city tour will be provided to see the famous places around that city or province.

Financial Compensation:  A monthly living stipend of 4500 RMB (approximately $660 USD) is provided during the academic year, i.e. for 4 or 10 months total, depending on program.

Housing: Free housing is provided in a double dormitory room on the CSETC campus in Beijing. CSETC provides free room and board at the summer camps but does not provide a financial stipend for that period.

Health Insurance: Successful candidates are responsible for their own insurance coverage and must provide proof of insurance.

Transportation & Visa: Interns are responsible for making their own visa application and flight arrangements. CSETC will furnish a letter of invitation to accompany the visa application. Airfare to China is purchased by the intern and reimbursed by CSETC after completion of half of the program. CSETC reimburses the full cost of airfare for 13-month contracts and ½ the cost of airfare for 6-month contracts. Ground transportation in China is provided by CSETC.

Application Materials and Process:  Interested applicants should complete and submit directly to Xie Wang of CSETC the application and two reference letters.  The final deadline is April 26, but it is a rolling deadline: applications will be accepted until all positions are filled and are considered on a first-come basis.


Position Description: Teaching English conversation and American culture classes to undergraduate students at Zhanjiang Normal University; 18 teaching-periods per week.

Required/Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • TEFL certificate which is rewarded by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau (This certification allows the employee to teach anywhere in Mainland China and is mandatory for of all Foreign teachers teaching in Mainland China. The certification courses would be held for around 2 weeks; The cost of the certification course (around 4000RMB, approximately $700) is the responsibility of the employee but 50% of this cost will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the contract by Zhanjiang Normal University);
  • In good health
  • Those with social science and humanities degrees and/or teaching experience or TESOL training are especially encouraged to apply.

Duration: Program runs from late August to June the next year.


  • RMB8000yuan for international traveling subsidy based upon completion of one-year contract
  • RMB2200yuan for yearly traveling subsidy
  • Monthly salary of RMB 6000 yuan (about $1000)
  • Free housing in a one-bedroom apartment with kitchen
  • Health Insurance is provided by employer

Application Materials:

  • Passport
  • CV (including the exact DD/MM/YY of education background and working experience, home address and telephone number)
  • The scan document of highest degree
  • The scan document of recommendation
  • The scan document of medical test result
  • Recent passport-size color digital photograph with light blue background
  • Foreign Experts Working Permit Application Record

Application Deadline & Contacts:

All application materials are required to e-mail to before May 20, 2014.

Program Contact:
Kathy Chen
Tel: 0086-759-3182717
Fax: 0086-759-3183218

Please direct additional questions about these teaching opportunities in China to the Center for Global Education, Joe Rogers or Paula Ramaley.

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