About CGE

Bringing the World Together

The Center for Global Education is responsible for spearheading the ongoing, comprehensive internationalization and globalization of the College of Saint Benedict and St. John's University. Rooted in Benedictine values and a strong CSB/SJU tradition of international programming, CGE promotes engagement with people, cultures and nations across the world. The Center's mission is to advance the international character of our campuses, and to foster the global perspectives and competencies that are becoming ever more critical in our increasingly interconnected world.
The Center for Global Education is home to two offices, The Office for Education Abroad (OEA) and The Office for Global Programming (OGP), that cooperate with each other and collaborate with other campus departments and entities to carry out the Center's mission. Together they provide cross-cultural learning opportunities that stimulate personal and intellectual growth, encourage critical analysis of local and international environments, and inspire students to go forth as global citizens to influence and improve their world.


The Center for Global Education:  Rooted in a Tradition of Global Engagement

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University are deeply rooted in a sense of place, but are actively engaged with, and welcoming of, diverse people, perspectives and cultures. What might appear paradoxical to some is valued and honored here. The academic culture of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University is deeply rooted in its own traditions and its local community, while equally committed to an engagement with broader global cultures. This simultaneous engagement with both the local and global reflects the Benedictine monastic tradition in which the monastery was home to a widely dispersed community while at the same time providing a welcoming retreat for guests who are away from their own home.

– CSB/SJU Strategic Directions 2010