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Program Overview

About Us...

The First-Year Mentors program is a student initiative that will provide opportunities for first-year students to connect with upper-class student mentors. These trained mentors will model the way by acting as guides, community resources, and confidential listeners for the diverse needs of incoming students.

This mentoring relationship will be a voluntary option for all new students; it is not a remedial or disciplinary program. There are many existing programs and resources designed to ensure the success and engagement of first-year students; however, the chaos of the first-year can leave students lost and confused. Often times, fear of judgment or punishment prevents first-year students from making honest and meaningful connections.

By fostering personal relationships between first-year Bennies and Johnnies with older student leaders, we will create a cycle of shared learning and personal growth. This will enable students to achieve at the fullest extent of their talents and abilities. We strive to promote positive community development at CSB/SJU by nurturing a sense of belonging for all students.

Before joining the program, mentors must sign the "Mentoring Contract", which details their roles, responsibilities, and obligations:

I agree to mentor at least one and no more than three first-year students for the duration of the 2013-14 academic year.

  • I agree to have an official mentoring session with each student once every two weeks for at least one hour per session.
  • I agree to attend all training sessions held.
  • I agree to create a confidential environment. Except in extraordinary circumstances where the life and health of students are endangered, all details of every meeting will remain confidential. However, in such circumstances, I will act in the well being of my student and report necessary information to the Dean of Students.
  • I agree to treat my students with compassion, dignity, and acceptance. I will withhold all personal judgment. I will treat each student as a valued and important member of the campus community.
  • I agree to be available to the complex needs of my students. I acknowledge that my role as mentor may vary of the course of the year, and will be flexible to support my students.
  • I understand that I am a student, not a professional. I will refer students to appropriate resources for assistance I am not able to provide. This includes and is not limited to Counseling and Health Promotion, Academic Advising, and Residential Life.
  • I agree to promote the Benedictine Values, and to uphold them within my own life. I acknowledge that my actions are observed even when I am not officially acting as a mentor. I agree to adhere to all CSB/SJU rules and regulations in addition to all other applicable laws.