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American City Business Journals Inc. - American City Business Journals Inc. is the nation's largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers, serving 35 of the country's most vibrant markets. The Web site provides links to each newspaper's home page, with news, information and commentary from each American City Market.  You'll find upwards of 1,000 articles, news items, and columns about local business from around the country.

BE - BE was l aunched in 1970 by Earl G. Graves, one of America's most successful entrepreneurs, BE now boasts more than 3.1 million readers. A subscription to BE provides monthly access to a news analyst, business consultant, consumer advocate, technology specialist, career counselor and financial advisor ­ all rolled up in one, when and where you need it, for a fraction of the cost.

Business Forum Online-The Business Forum Online equips the smaller business and entrepreneurs with branchings to two unique resources: Our Internal Index offers a compendium of over a year of weekly columns addressing a broad range of issues and opportunities of immediate and practical interest to the owner/manager of the smaller business and entrepreneurs. There are also informational and professional contributions by other authorities examining complementary areas of concern. All topics are cross-indexed by subject. Our External Index offers wide-ranging links to more than 50 important informational and professional resources throughout the world to meet the needs of the smaller business and entrepreneurs. Representative of the ten topic areas are: Primary government resources, Outstanding academic resources, and Management tools for the smaller business.

Business Hotline-Online-The Business Hotline-Online is a monthly business publication available free of charge which covers topics facing today's small and home based businesses: accounting and finance, legal issues, direct mail, public speaking, personal finance, marketing tips, import/export, business opportunities, franchising information, and marketing on the internet.

Business Researcher's Interests-A Business Researcher's Interests is a searchable knowledge map of Contemporary Business, Management and Information Technology issues. It provides access to hundreds of full-text articles & papers, magazines & journals, case studies and tools, and thousands of other resources on some of the hottest issues of interest to Business, Technology & Information professionals. Cutting-edge topics include Business Process Reengineering, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Complex Systems & Chaos, Intranets, Virtual Corporations, Outsourcing, Electronic Markets & Electronic Commerce. Also included are a research jumpstation for all areas of business research, international business issues, intellectual property issues, information policy issues, web strategy and marketing issues, and key applications of information systems research.

Business Week-Business Week  invites you to explore Business Week Online on the Web. To have complete access, a visitor needs to subscribe to the print version of Business Week.

Consumer Research Center-The Conference Board's Consumer Research Center (CRC) pulls together data from dozens of sources, analyzes it and puts it together in formats that you can use. CRC produces the Consumer Market Guide, the Consumer Confidence Index, Measure of Business Confidence and a full library of consumer information for busy professionals. CRC economists monitor major demographic trends and anticipate changes in the consumer marketplace. Our subscribers have immediate access to demographic information, analyses, special reports and forecasts that help in day-to-day decision-making and long-term planning.

Direct Marketing News-As a full-service weekly newspaper, Direct Marketing News is first and foremost a news medium which carries timely news articles on new DM campaigns of direct marketing companies, news of DM and general advertising agencies, activities of direct marketing clubs and associations, postal news and legislative developments, along with business news and economic developments of interest to direct marketers. In addition to its staff-written news coverage, DM News also publishes regular columns and feature articles by acknowledged experts in the field on such topics as DM creative, catalog marketing, database marketing, hi-tech marketing, legal issues, Internet marketing, production and printing and other disciplines.

Entrepreneur Magazine-Entrepreneur Magazine's Small Business Square® is one of the largest and most comprehensive sites on the Web with thousands of pages to browse through. Following are the major services associated with BizSQUARE: The Small Business Convention Center, the Small Business Resource Center, the Small Business Advisor, etc... Warning: sticky site

Entrepreneur Magazine also has a web site for ordering books on small business and new ventures. The url for this particular site (also sticky) is

Entrepreneur's Mind-The Entrepreneur's Mind is a web resource that presents an array of real-life stories and advice from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts on the many different facets of entrepreneurship and emerging business. Every two months a new issue of the EM will present in-depth profiles of entrepreneurs and how they grew their successful companies, as well as interviews with industry professionals discussing an aspect of starting and growing a new business venture.

Inc.Online-Inc. Online is the full-service electronic consultant to people starting and running their own companies. Inc. Online goes beyond Inc. magazine to bring you resources, information, and original articles that are only available online. More than 5,000 articles are archived online, from Inc. magazine, Inc. Technology, and the State of Small Business issues, from August 1988 to the present. The site also has a Business Resources web page with links to starting a business, writting a business plan, time management, managing people, and customer service.

Prentice Hall Publishing Company-Prentice Hall sponsors an Entrepreneurship and Small Business Resource Web Site. It uses the site to advertise its three textbooks in the area. It also offers access to information about starting a business, developing a business plan, and links to other resources.

Red Herring - Today's business market is a dynamic environment, full of incredible opportunity -- and great risk. For anyone starting, running, or investing in a business, understanding the business of technology is a competitive necessity. Through, Red Herring Magazine and Red Herring Events, we provide timely market information, strategic insight, and access to growing entrepreneurial communities. Red Herring Communications provides a unique insider perspective no other media company offers.

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition - With more than 50,000 pages of information and news that changes 24-hours a day, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition represents a vast information resource on a variety of topics. Some information is free, but a subscription is needed to have full access. A subscription is $49/yr or $29/yr if already a print subscriber to WSJ.