Where are CSB/SJU graduates now?

By Erica Rademacher, assistant director, Career Services

Career Services looks forward to the year ahead and partnering with you to let you know about events and resources in Career Services that your son or daughter should know about.

One new resource we are excited about is the Graduate Outcomes Database where you can search records to find out what opportunities CSB/SJU graduates have landed after graduation. The 2012 database is based on a 95 percent response rate to a survey of all 2012 CSB/SJU graduates. The graduates responded to the survey within 12 months of their graduation date. Of those respondents, 99 percent reported being employed, engaged in a full-time volunteer program or continuing their education. These statistics have been consistent throughout the past couple of years, and you are also able to search the 2010 and 2011 databases.  Some key features of the database are the search functions. You are able to narrow your search by academic major, location, name of business or organization, and continuing education institution name, degree, and field of study.

So the next time your son or daughter mentions a particular major, search the Graduate Outcomes Database to see where recent graduates have gone with the same major. Don't forget to also check out the "What Can I Do With a Major In..." section on the Career Services website.