Nicole Bach

Nicole Bach

Majors:  History & Theology

Year of Graduation:  2009

Graduate School: M.A. in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


Current Position:  

I am currently a Program Curator at the Stearns County History Museum in St. Cloud, MN. I began this position in February of 2015. My work includes program administration/coordination; this involves developing and implementing educational initiatives. I work with the exhibit team to develop and implement exhibits along with interpretive programs and resources. Recruiting, training and supervising volunteers is also part of my work.   

What path did you follow to arrive at your current job?

After graduating from St. Ben's in 2009, I spent the next year teaching ESL for a family owned non-profit in Japan.  When I returned to Minnesota, I began working at the Science Museum of Minnesota in various front-of-house positions as well as volunteering in the collections.  I also began working with CSB/SJU professor Annette Atkins on her newly published book, Challenging Women Since 1913:  The College of Saint Benedict.  My work for Annette was an oral history project, collecting and conducting interviews with St. Ben's alums, in order for the book to speak from Bennies' experiences. Previously, I have worked at the Minnesota Historical Society as an Evaluation Intern, and at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as a Sales and Service Representative.

What advice/suggestions would you have for students who might be interested in your career?

My advice would be to have fortitude.  The museum world is highly competitive, and it takes time to work your way up into the career you desire.  I am still working towards becoming a curator at a history museum, and although the jobs I have worked at aren't the most glamorous, it is important to get your foot in the door.  The museum world is quickly becoming multidisciplinary, and it takes experience and knowledge of the museum, from a range of perspectives (educator, administrator, curator, etc.), to excel.  To do this, I would strongly recommend volunteering or interning, but this experience is also needed to acquire the career you desire.  

What skills are important in your field?

Skills that are important to the museum field are being a clear and effective communicator, understanding the museum world and its growing concerns in the 21st century, knowledge of and experience in your specific niche, and technical training in computer programs.  Having an administrative background is incredibly beneficial as the museum structure changes and evolves over time.  It is also necessary for museum professionals to collaborate well in order to create dynamic and engaging programming and to truly foster the museum's mission.

(April 2015)