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Maggie Berget

Major: Communication
Year of Graduation: 2004
Current Job: Asst. Account Executive, Resnicow Schroeder, NY (Note: Maggie's previous position was with the School of Visual Arts, NY)

How did you network to get your dream job?
My networking to get this specific job is a little complicated.  Isn't it always though? For this job it started with my grandmother's neighbor - a CSB alumna. She recommended me to one of her associates to dog-sit.  Then, as I was telling my dog-sitting employer about my ambitions to move to New York, she informed me that her old boss' brother lives there. This man is the Director for the Columbia County Council for the Arts in upstate New York and worked on a project with the School of Visual Arts (SVA) creating a summer art institute in the Berkshires. 

I spoke with him a few times on the phone, simply doing basic informational interviewing. When I saw the posting for the job I have now, I sent an email out to all of my contacts in my network asking for any advice or help to connect with SVA. I booked a flight immediately to NY, without even so much as an interview. I basically just walked into the school asking to meet with the contacts I had made, and they were so impressed with my drive and directness that they forwarded my resume on to the correct people and I got an interview that week while I was still in town. This demonstrates how networking can be very intricate. I was able to do the rest of the interview process from Minnesota over the phone.

Everyone I met in MN knew I wanted to gain a job in NY. I made that clear by asking everyone I could think of for informational interviews and contacts, no matter what field they were in. Even if it was completely unrelated to the arts or public relations, such as dog-sitting.  I have found that those who have moved here from out of state are exceptionally helpful because they know how difficult it is to do.

Any advice for students interested in relocating to New York?
My best word of advice for networking in New York is to get in their face. It sounds a little abrasive, but a Midwesterner coming to NY has to make himself or herself known somehow.

What are your job responsibilities at the School of Visual Arts?
The responsibilities for my job mostly lie in administrative support for the Communication Department which is a subdivision of the External Relations Department.  Although I work with both, my major duties relate more to the publicity and media communication as opposed to general external relations such as alumni affairs.

I am responsible for compiling a monthly clip book of media coverage, putting together the calendar of events for the college, and sending out listings to publications.  All three of these require quite a bit of media contact and maintenance so I spend a lot of my time updating contact information of journalists and editors, pitching, and writing follow-ups. We also monitor all publications put out by the college and my department is responsible for a bi-annual journal and annual and weekly briefs sent out to everyone.

The most exciting part of my job is the incorporation of the arts into my daily administrative tasks. I often work with artists and art images to write press releases or publicize an exhibition. The college has three galleries, and I go to most of the openings which are held every two or three weeks, so I get to see the art constantly.

I really am enjoying working for an academic organization. It's very lively and always changing because students are so creative and innovative.  And with contemporary art, it constantly is being reinvented. In order for these students to get noticed as professionals in their field, they have to stand out.

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