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John Flavin

Major: Social Science
Year of Graduation: 1992
Graduate School:  MBA, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Current Job: Partner/Managing Director, Softcrylic (IT consulting and software development company with offices in New York, New Jersey, London, UK and Chennai, India).

John Flavin was a Social Sciences major. His experience at St. John's prepared him for a not-so-common career path upon graduation. His story demonstrates how engaging in different areas of interest can lead to eventual satisfaction with one's career.

What is your current job?
Currently, I am a Partner and the Managing Director of Softcrylic, LLC. Softcrylic is an IT consulting and software development company with offices in New York, New Jersey, London, UK and Chennai, India.

What did you do in terms of furthering your education after SJU?
After I graduated, I enrolled in the U of MN and took some graduate courses in public policy. I then decided to earn an MBA at the University of Antwerp, in Belgium.

What jobs/internships have you had and how did you get them?
I have had so many up until now that it is hard to keep track of them. I started out as a research assistant in London for an energy consulting company. I then came back to the states and got an internship as a legislative aide in the Minnesota Senate. After that, I tried my hand as a legal assistant in Minneapolis with Wasserman and Bail, Attorneys at Law. I stuck with law for about 4 years until I gained interest in Information Technology. I got a job with CT Corporation Systems as an IT program manager in New York, NY.

How did your social sciences major help you to get where you are now?
My major was broadly based to give me an interest in a variety of subjects. It also gave me a solid foundation to build my skills in specific focused areas.

What are your career goals?
My career goals now focus around building up Softcrylic. Specifically, I hope to build up and improve the delivery of solutions in targeted vertical markets.

Where do you travel for your job and what do you do on the trips?}
I travel to Denmark, Belgium, U.K., and Luxembourg to meet with clients. I also travel to India to meet with employees.

What exactly have you experienced overseas in terms of work and school and how has it benefited you?
I did a semester abroad in England my junior year. I spent the summer and worked as a bus boy at a restaurant. After graduation, I went back to London on a work study program though BUNAC for 9 months. After that, I worked in Ireland for 3 months. After being back in Minnesota for awhile, I looked into more schooling overseas and wound up in Belgium for 2 years. Luckily, I now have employment which requires me to travel to all the places I once studied where I still maintain many friendships.

What is the best aspect of your current job?
The best aspect of my current job is the variety of issues I work on. They range from project management to contract negotiation.

What advice would you give to graduating seniors when it comes to getting into the business world?
Take your time, enjoy your 20's. Explore different opportunities so you don't have a mid-life crisis!