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  Career EXPO 
  Gorecki Conference Center
  College of Saint Benedict 


2013 Career EXPO Seminar Schedule

Room Gorecki 204 A Gorecki 204 C Gorecki 120 A Gorecki 120 B
9:30 am 
International Business Sports & Fitness Social Entrepreneurship
10:40 am 
Sales Careers  Hire Me!
Standing Out in the Hiring Process
Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing
11:50 am
International Business Public Affairs & Service Public Health & Health Care Administration
1:00 pm
Fair set-up Hire Me!
Standing Out in the Hiring Process
Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing 
2:10 pm 
starts @ 2 p.m.
  Business Careers for Quantitative Types  Human Services/
Non-Profit Careers
Using Social Media in
your Internship/Job Search
3:20 pm 
FAIR  Business Leadership Roundtable  Preparing for a
Diverse Workplace
Green Careers
4:10 pm
FAIR ALUM SOCIAL set-up   Teaching International
& Non-Traditional
 Volunteer to Gain Experience!
6:00 pm
Networking Prep/