Larry Davis


[on right, with pals Dr. Universe (kitty) and Prosaurolophus (dark, skinny fellow)]

Phone: 363-3328
Office: Peter Engel Science Center, Room 205

Education: BA in Marine Biology; 1977, Western Washington University;  BS in Geology; 1980, Boise State University;  MS in Geology: 1983, Washington State University  PhD in Geology: 1987, Washington State University

Research interests:  Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and biostratigraphy of Mesozoic rocks on the Colorado Plateau; carbonate sedimentology

Courses taught:  IntroductoryBiology; Biology of the Pacific Northwest; Evolution; Invertebrate Paleontology; Ecology and Evolution of Coral Reefs and Reef-Systems; Paleobiology of Dinosauria; Environmental Science; Physical Geology; Evolution of the Earth; Environmental Geology; Petrology; Geology of the Colorado Plateau

Recommended advisor for:  Natural science majors interested in an emphasis in paleontology and geology.